How did I get here?

Tomorrow’s not just any other day.

Shmuppie goes to Kindergarten tomorrow. Holy shit.

I mean Holy Shit.


Or, as we say, 3O3.

We’ll all be getting up early from now on (a serious bummer if I’ve ever heard one) and shuttling the kid off to school. She goes tomorrow for a before-school assessment of sorts. They’ll see just how much of a retard she is and then assign her to a class. We go in on Friday afternoon to meet the teacher and then she goes off to school for real on Tuesday.

It’s exciting and scary. Shmuppie is bouncing off the walls she’s so excited. JewelrySlut and I are in a state of shock. I mean, we have a kid old enough to go to school?


Wish us all luck. I’ll take pictures.

3 thoughts on “How did I get here?

  1. Ah, the first day of school. I don’t really remember it. I think I killed all those brain cells. Mine is going to be a freshman this year. God help me.

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