Mea Culpa!

I’m in trouble. Imnotmolly is mad at me because I didn’t properly thank her in this formu for decorating my room with balloons and signs last time I was up here in NJ. I had to pay her off with a jar of pickled okra in order to avoid having to sleep in the laundry room.

My bad.

Secondly. Why am I not writing more?

Here’s my schedule for today. You tell me:

7:15: leave hotel to come here.
8:45-9:30 conference call
10-11: Conference Call
11-1: Meeting
1-2: Meeting
2:30-3:00: Conference Call
4-5: Meeting

Then, I’ll have an hour or so to do a day’s worth of work before we all leave to go to dinner.

Work and travel; 2 great tastes that don’t go great together.

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