A response to yesterday’s post:

We were somewhat alarmed by the revelation made by Shmuppie that she’d been told to pray for rain at school. We both think it’s utterly and fantastically inappropriate.

However, as I mentioned in a comment, the kid is a retard. So, we have no idea if this actually came from school or if she dreamed it up.

See, her preschool had prayer in it. It’s what you get when your kid goes to a school run by the YMCA. And, we have learned that they really put the C into YMCA down here. The kids said grace before snack and learned that Jews are the root of all evil. It was cool because we happen to agree. They were taught to pray for things. Of course, I find it geous (That’s short for gorgeous) that they were taught that God is apparently some spiritual and materialistic ATM. I mean, I can remember praying to get the Millennium Falcon toy when I was like 7, but I don’t think I thought prayer was a means to achieving material goals.

So, it’s not out of the question that the kid heard that we need rain here. As it is, they’re quite certain that all of Raleigh is going to perish some time in late January when we run out of water. She could have heard that we need rain, went back into her brain and realized that if one needs rain; one must need to ask God and stated praying instead of eating her dinner.

We’re keeping an eye on things. If we hear about more prayer that has its roots at school, we’ll be paying the teacher/principal/governor a visit.

4 thoughts on “A response to yesterday’s post:

  1. That’s funny, because when I worked for the YMCA here in California, we were not allowed to mention any sort of religious affiliations at all. Unless we mentioned ALL OF THEM. Political correctness is fun! (should I send the Jesus cup back for her to take with her to school? Or you could just put it on your porch as sort of a christian rain-dance type of thing. Leave it out for Jesus to fill it with rain. It could happen. OR NOT.)

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