An open letter to Mr. Iracane

Mr. Iracane,

As I mentioned in my email, I would like very much to be a commenter on Deadspin. I feel I am deserving of the honor and would like to prove my mettle against the utter genius that resides there.

I have a nice little link to the site over to the right. Carl and I go way back.

I own a YWML shirt and have been known to wear it proudly while out of the country.

I used to live in NJ and graduated from Rutgers. I feel that should count for something.

I am the father of an adorable little girl who also happens to be amazingly strange. If I do nothing but post quotes from her as comments, I’ll do just fine on the site.

I appreciate the time you have spent considering my merits. I am sure that my friends here at will happily back me up and say loving things about my talent as a writer. (Assholes…this is where you say nice things about me).

Thank you and best of luck.


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