All quiet on the Tarheel Front

I feel I should have something to say abut anything, shouldn’t I?

Thanksgiving went well. ChurchBomber and MerlotMan arrived on Wednesday afternoon and we started demolishing alcohol more or less right away.

In advance of the week, we’d stocked up:
1 case of Fossi Bianco (6 1.5L bottles of medium-cheap white wine)
1 case of Fossi Roso (6 1.5L bottles of medium-cheap red wine)
3 Zinfandels
3 Beaujolais Nouveaus
2 Rieslings

As of Sunday night, all we had left was 1 Nouveau and 2 of the Rosos. We also drank a Cabernet that I had been saving for roughly ever. That’s basically 28 regulation-sized bottles of wine spread amongst 4 people all consumed in a little over 4 days. And, I went dry on Sunday to start recovering.

It’s fun to watch how Wednesday unfolds at out house on Thanksgiving week.

MerlotMan and ChurchBomber sit at the table and watch JewelrySlut and I whirl around in the kitchen. Usually, JewelrySlut has afternoon duty. That’s when she makes the apple pies (Pumpkin and coconut had been made on Tuesday). I do food prep for my evening of side-dish cooking.

We trade off spots in the kitchen and I make the chestnut and sausage stuffing, the cornbread dressing (doesn’t go in the turkey) and the sweet potato pudding. JewelrySlut returns later on to make the cranberry sauce. It wasn’t bad; we wrapped up by about 9:30. Back in NJ, this affair would often continue well past midnight.

On Thursday morning, I got the bird stuffed, lubed and in the oven. The rest of the day went off without a hitch. Everything came out of the oven on time and the turkey was flawless. Things went well.

Basking in my success, I drank too much and got silly drunk.

I technically had to work on Friday, so I didn’t start imbibing until about 2:00. I made my stock and then my gumbo and then proceeded to drink too much.

Saturday was occupied with football and wine.

Sunday offered more football, but no wine for me.

Yesterday, I sent ChurchBomber and MerlotMan home.

The house is back to normal and all is well.

There’s not really much else going on. Shmuppie is doing well at school, I’ve been home a lot from work (a good thing I guess), the Homeowner’s Association is mostly under control and JewelrySlut remains sexy and full of lust for me.

Not too much else to ask for, is there?

4 thoughts on “All quiet on the Tarheel Front

  1. Dump all your empties in some neighbor’s yard, then threaten to evict him if he doesn’t clean up his yard. Jeez, you have gone soft but then again you know all ‘abut’ that.

  2. 9:30? NINE FUCKING THIRTY? You really have gone native. Damn. It might as well have been 9:30….am.

    Hey – waddaya think of this years Nouveaus? I still think it’s a big joke they’re playing on us because of the whole Freedom Fries thing. But now with an exchange rate that makes Canada laugh behind their sleeves at us, the French get to charge even more to make us prove what suckers we are. I haven’t seen a bottle under 10 bucks here.

    Having said that – I’m proud of you, Young Jedi. Sounds like you kicked some fowl ass. I’m just getting back into cyber-stalking again after a hiatus, and your was one of blogs I was most looking forward to polluting. You didn’t disappoint either.

    Now go buy more jewelry.

    Later – T

  3. Look who got dine trying to suck his own dick and rejoin polite society.

    So, that’s why the Nouveau is $11.29? Fucking economy. It should be dropping soon. Our first bottle had the maroon label (oddly un-colorful) and we didn’t like it much. The next had the colorful label and we liked it much more. We’re not huge fans, but it’s fun to count down to the release date.

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