Paging Mr NoGoodDaddy…you’re needed in hell

Shmuppie had to write a sentence about the book she just read (homework):

“Iv never seen a dog
with the dog will not
a bat that no dogs are
not alou in the haous.”

1: I am going to hell for making fun of my 5-year old daughter’s inability to spell or compose a sentence.

B: I wonder where she gets it from

She’s trying to say

“I’ve never seen a dog with mud because it gets so dirty”

I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean, but it’s REALLY far from what she wrote.

We’ll call stuff like this LOLKIDS

Like these

“I’ve never seen a dog with mud ’cause it’s so dirty because it’s so dirty.”

she just tried again.

Really…I am a horrible parent

2 thoughts on “Paging Mr NoGoodDaddy…you’re needed in hell

  1. Wow, with mad skilz like that she can come write for our local paper. Shit, she can’t do much worse then they do. Have her draw a picture of the dirty dog she’s never seen, that’ll be a hoot.

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