There’d been too much screamin’, fussin’ and fightin’

I don’t have much to say but should say something. I’ve been pissy for about a week now. I think it’s understandable.

So, yes, we had another flood. This is #3 in 5 weeks. I was down here, happy as a happy clam last Friday and smelled something funny. Before I could run upstairs to accuse someone of shitting a huge log, I stepped in squishy carpet. There was water in the playroom, the family room, the storage room and a wee bit in here. Needless to say, I was not happy.

So, we got all the shit dragged outside again and got the carpet guy in again. We got the neighbor to start snaking the pipes and there was more shit and stuff clogging it. They also went in with a camera and found roots that were causing the blockage. Roots and tampons. Yum.

The total only came to $550 this time so it wasn’t bad. Allstate told us not to file another claim because we’d be dropped right away if we did. The HOA has never seen anything like this and is beyond an explanation. All I know is that it happened again on the brand fucking new rug.

So, we have that going on. Plus, work sucks. The whole “A mistake on your part is not cause for an emergency on mine” does not apply at HealthCareRelatedCompany. So, I’ve been drafted into keying data into eligibility databases. Great. Just what I always wanted…to do absolute monkey work.

The kid’s not behaving lately and she’s really on my nerves. I feel horrible because all I do is holler at her.

Thanksgiving is coming and that should be a good thing, but I’m nervous as hell about the house. We have JewelrySlut’s father flying in on Tuesday and staying the night. Then, on Wednesday, she’s shuttling him to her brother’s house while I go pick up ChurchBomber and MerlotMan at RDU. They’re in until Monday. We’ll have 7 adults and 2 toddlers for Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to cooking it all, butt he basement has me scared half to death.

In a nutshell I’m not in the fucking mood lately.

So, got anything for me?

I do have one good nerd link today.

With background: We went out last Saturday on an adventure. We went to a big state park here to walk around and see the leaves and shit. That was fun…until Shmuppie announced that she needed to go potty and we had to dash around like morons looking for one. We found one right in time, but, no matter how much I swim (and I go every day thank you), there’s nothing to prepare you for putting a 35lb kid on your shoulders and running through the woods.


So, I knew we were near the airport, so I took us on a field trip. RDU has this cool Observation Platform out in their general aviation area. You go there, and they pipe in the tower’s communications. You stand there and watch planes land and take off.

Ok…it’s not for everyone, but I had a ball. I had binoculars and everything. It was hella cool. As the wind shifted, they reset the approach vectors and you could watch the planes up in the sky circle around to the other side. I had fun.

It leads me to today’s nerd link.

Airliners. That’s right. Pictures of airplanes and airports. I love this site. It happens to rock. Check out the pics of planes landing in St Maarten and tell me that’s not the coolest thing ever.

On another travel note, we’re all booked for St John next summer. I got ChurchBomber and MerlotMan a great fare from EWR. We’re all meeting up in Atlanta and going to St Thomas on the same flight. That way they can’t arrive first and have sex on the kitchen table before we arrive. They told us that after we all got home.


I have to go check the store room again.

I’ll just cruise on my landing gear

Just a quick one today:

Seems that there COULD be interest in a soiree. Some say Vegas, some say FLA. Each has pros and cons. Soon, I’ll set up a page for updates and ideas. If anyone else things they know of a better location, chime in. I know not everyone has money, but if you all sock away $20 from now until June, you’d have enough to buy a ticket to either place and get a hotel. Then, all you have to do is peddle yourself on the street to afford food and drink. Come on, it’s not like You’ve never done it before.

If we all had $$, we’d go on a cruise and just wreck the ship. Now, that would be sweet.

I promised Nerd boy another link. Here it is, folks, an invaluable travel tool if I’ve ever seen one: Seat Guru. Want to know if seat 14B on your next flight is good or not? Look it up here. Before every flight I take, I consult this site just in case I need to know anything. It’s also fun because you can see what the rich people in 1st class get. There’s no wonder I try to rub shit on them as I walk past them.

Here’s another: Giant Microbes. For the germaphobe in your life. I don’t know which one I like best. I may order them all.

Know what’s funny about us? Other than how we look, that is?

We’re often late to the Pop Culture Ball.

Case in point,

This summer, we discovered Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Why now? Because we have a kid and go to bed early, that’s why. Funny shit. Revv up the TiVo and get on this boat.

Then, there’s the The Sopranos. Heard of it? Yea..we just got Seasons 1 and 2 on tape and are plowing through them. So this is what the hype’s about. It’s fun to watch because, in a small part, that’s my old neighborhood…waaaaaaay back when. I have relatives who could be extras on that show.

I think next week, we’re going to start using a touchtone phone.

I must apologize to the aforementioned nerdboy. Due to my HTMLtardness, I had to kill and repost this entry. Sorry, dude.

On the threshold of adventure; God I do love this job so

Couple of things today…

Carpet is going in as we speak. Furniture comes back on Wednesday. The basement is just about done after the Shit Storm of 2005. Thank God, because I’m really fucking tired of all this.

So, JewelrySlut and I were talking on Friday about Shmuppie and her behavior. As anyone who is a parent knows, from time to time, you have those “Duh” moments with your kids and you end up really wondering how you manage to be a parent.

For example, back when Shmuppie was 2 months old or so, she would flip the hell out from 8:00 � 10:00 every night. We’d try to soothe her and shit, but it never worked. Finally, one night we decided to try putting her to bed at 8. Well, guess what happened? She stopped flipping out. See…parents are stupid.

Which brings me to my point.

Let’s stop and see the world through Shmuppie’s eyes. Let’s go back to Mid-May

We were in a pretty bad car accident
Mommy and Daddy went away for a little while
The house was torn up and put in boxes
We stopped going to “school” to see our friends
We drove for a long time in the car
We arrived in a new place and had to move in to a hotel
We went to a new house that was hot and busy
We started potty training
Daddy was away for weeks at a time
The playroom was lost to a lot of smelly water
And…the kicker…we took away Nunnie at nap and bed time (You may call it a binky, or something else…you know…a pacifier)

Look at all that. Jesus Christ, it’s no wonder she’s acting evil. That’s a lot for me to handle and I’m an adult who can consume rum by the gallon to make the craziness stop.

So, we gave her back the nunnie. It’s working. Since she got it back, she’s been fine. She’s sleeping and behaving a lot better. The potty training is back on track for the most part. You’re all saying to yourselves “Duh. Of course she’s been upset”. Sometimes you don’t see the forest from within the trees.

So, on Saturday morning, I’m IM’ing with her and she mentions that this one and her have been discussing a huge Blog Bash. Get everyone together in one place and partay like the wild animals that we all are.

So…I may have been drafted into trying to reign you all in so we could pull this off.

My initial thought was to do it in FLA. Everyone can get to FLA on the relatively cheap. The discounters fly there and, if you don’t have access to them, everyone else on Earth flies to FLA. We commandeer a hotel for 3-4 days and go wild. Someplace in Tampa or Orlando.

Then is hit me.

3 words, folks.




That’s another place where one can get to from anywhere. One can get there on the cheap and can stay and eat on the cheap. But, that could be a really bad idea. Just think of it. Plus, as the planner, I’d get comped.

I shudder to think.

But, who could be interested? Say some time in late Spring/early summer 2006? 4 days or so in someplace fun? Anyone interested? I already have a list going and am pondering flight options. It can be done. It may be messy to plan, but it is possible.

As we all know, I could use a project. Were I to pull this off, I’d know for certain whether or not I should be doing what I’m doing now for a living or move to event and travel planning.

Well…the carpet Pepes are gone and the stairs didn’t get done because our sales rep is retarded.

So, here are some “Before” Shots:

The family room. As seen from the storage room side of things. This is post-flood so the pink carpeting is gone. What you can see is the lovely Japanese hat light fixture, the pink blinds and the dark cabinets. And a bag of trash out back

This one looks from the cabinets back towards the storage room. Again, note the lovely dark shelves, the mammoth fireplace and my varsity jacket.

Here’s my office. Nice, eh? The dingitude of the walls was not captured as well as I’d hoped. You can see the breaks in the plaster where strange white powder used to leak. I think that was powdered lung cancer.

And here’s Shmuppie’s playroom. You can see some of my patches on the chalkboard wall and the fire trap space heater.All that shit looks better now. Photos to follow soon of the new and improved basement.