They got an air conditioner for when I’m hot. A radiator for when I’m not

Kids with roller shoes
Bathroom in NWPA

See, those are topic starters I had in mind for today.
I’ll get to them later.

I have better things to discuss.

Like yesterday’s rare double post. When I heard the horrible news, I had to do my part to show solidarity. If you don’t get it, please move on. It made me cry I was laughing so hard. And if I can’t use my corner of the internet to amuse myself, what good it is?

Let’s talk about my hotel last night. I believe I remarked:
To make matters worse, I have to stay in a new hotel this week. The Res was booked as was the Courtyard. On the bright side, it allows me to post a new hotel review on TripAdvisor. That’s always fun.

Yea…last night was not pleasant at all. I’m not sure if a tersely worded review on Trip Advisor will do it. I think Mr. Marriott himself is going to have to either blow me or toss my salad as an apology.

TownePlace Suites, Horsham PA.
Let’s talk about you and why I had to check out after just one night in your wretchedness.

I arrived a little after 8:00. It was cold. I noticed that the hotel had at least 2 buildings. A sense of foreboding came over me. So, I went in and there was no check in desk. There was a tiny office with a desk and chairs. I’ve heard about a new trend in hotels where they’re eliminating check in counters to put the customer closer to the experience. At one time, I thought it was clever. I no longer do.

Eddie Munster was behind the desk. I identified myself. He noticed I was a Gold Member (tracking towards Platinum by summer I’ll add) and welcomed me to the hotel. I noticed a fat unkempt-looking man in another office behind us. He looked scary.

I was given a room in the building across the parking lot on the 3rd floor. I was told that the lobby offered breakfast to go in the morning. That did not sound good at all.

As I left, I noticed that the fitness room was in the main building. So, this meant that at 6:15 I was going to have to get dressed, coat and all, to trudge to the gym. Now, that’s dedication. But, I could deal with it. I’m a big boy.

I walked over to my room and opened the door. I was immediately hit by an arctic blast of air. The A/C was cranked up to like 11 and the room was freezing. I went to the “heater” and cranked it all the way to hot. I then peed (not in my pants) but in the scary looking bathroom because I had to go REAL BAD.

At this point, I had a decision to make:
Kick up a storm and go back to the lobby to face Eddie Munster and complain.
Or just deal with it.
I knew this hotel was lacking in some amenities going in, but the Res and the Courtyard were booked solid. Even the Homewood Suites was booked, as was the Comfort Inn. This was it.

I decided to rough it, hoping the heat would fix itself. How cold was the room? Well, I took off my shoes and it hurt to walk on the carpeting in my socks because it was so cold. That’s cold. To make it better, my suitcase had been in my bag all day and it never got above about 25 here all day. So, my clothes were frozen. I laid them out on a skanky-looking chair in front of the “heat” to warm them up.

At one point, I turned on the shower for 10 minutes just to generate warm air in the room. Then I noticed how bad the shower smelled.

But, I was fully vested at this point.

I called JewelrySlut to complain and then went to bed.

I dreamed of cigarettes last night. I get the feeling ex-smokers may do that from time to time when they dream. I am not an ex-smoker. What I am is a non-smoker who was sleeping in a bed that smelled like smoke. Nice. I am not kidding about that. It was odd.

At 12:30, I woke up sweating. The heat was on! I then had to get up to put the A/C on because it was so fucking hot. I noticed at that time that the people next door were still up. They apparently were also deaf. The TV was blasting.

At 4:30, I woke up frozen to death. Back to the wall to put the heat on.

I gave up sleeping at 6:00 and readied myself for the trudge to the gym. I got there to see one treadmill, a bike and a Stairmaster. The treadmill was being used so I opted for the bike. I noticed that it was not plugged in. I also noticed that it had no cord. So, I had a bike with no options for resistance. I took off my coat and warm-up pants and pedaled fruitlessly for 2 minutes. Realizing that this was fruitless, I gave up and went back to the room to find a new hotel.

The Res was still booked, as was the Courtyard. I called them directly, used the Gold Membership plea and also begged. Nadda.

I got AmEx travel on the line and they found me a place. YAY!

Feeling flush with my success, I decided to shower. I managed a shower despite the odor coming from the nozzle. The nozzle was one of those adjustable things, but it was stuck in “3 jets in the middle” mode. Kinda like showering with nails.

But, I got cleaned up and grabbed a towel. I noticed that when I unfolded it, the inside was brown. I also noticed the stray hairs attached to the towel and the stains on the walls.


Fully horrified, I dried off using the white side of about 4 towels and packed. I went to the main building and checked the hell out.

This hotel has the nerve to associate itself with the Marriott brand. I don’t know what I plan to do, but I’m doing something. I, and all employees of RedCompany spend a lot of $$ in Marriott hotels. I want payback.

Here’s what I wrote to them:
My stay at the TownePlace Suites in Horsham PA on the night of January 29, 2007 was very disappointing.

I knew going in to lower my expectations from my usual experiences at either a Courtyard or Residence Inn. However, I did not expect any hotel associated with the Marriott Brand to be of such poor quality.

After checking inn and crossing the parking lot to get to my room in another building, I stepped into a virtual freezer. The A/C had been left running on full blast. The room took over 4 hours to re-heat. I decided that this was not justification enough to go to the front desk to make any noise. It was, at best, a minor inconvenience.

Over the next 10 hours, several other problems presented themselves.
The TV was broken
The shower stall and water smelled
The bedding smelled of smoke (so much so that I dreamed of cigarettes and I don’t even smoke!)
The shower head was broken
The furniture was filthy
The exercise room (located in another building) was decrepit. It had 1 treadmill (in use), a broken exercise bike and a broken stair climber.
The final straw (and reason for my departure after only 1 night) was the condition of the bath towels. Having showered, I grabbed a towel only to find one side of it covered with hair. It was also brown. 2 other towels in the bathroom had the same problem.

I was disgusted. I knew that this was not going to be the nicest hotel I’d ever stayed in, but this was beyond bad. It was an embarrassment to the brand. Check my profile; I stay in Marriott hotels a lot. My company, RedCompany, lists Marriott-brand hotels as their preferred. This experience will not prevent me from staying in other Marriott hotels. I believe your brand to be a solid one that delivers a quality product. The Courtyard in Marriott is wonderful and their front desk staff is equal or better to any other hotel you have. However, I am disappointed in the TownePlace in Horsham and would never consider staying there again.

There is some good news though:
ChicagoGuy used his considerable pull at the Courtyard to get me in there for the next 2 nights.
The better news is that I may not need the 2nd night. Things are going so horribly here that I may be allowed to go home tomorrow night. There’s a Southwest flight with my name on it leaving from PHL at 9:00.

Except! My boss just emailed me to say that if things aren’t going well here, he’d like me on site in NJ for the rest of the week. Let’s see…I can drive up to extremely northern NJ tomorrow night after I go do a vendor assessment down here. Then, on Thursday, I can be in the office until 1:00. Then, I get to make a 2 1/2 hour drive to PHL to go home. That sounds like a great use of my time! FUUUUUUCK!

But wait: He really wants me to go there tonight and stay until Friday. I apparently need more face time with the group. This will cost over $1000 once we throw away a plane ticket, buy another, change hotels and pay the dead heading fees to National for the car. Oh, and yea…I don’t even have a desk in NJ any more. They took it away from me!

I want to fucking go home. I’ve absolutely had it.

Anyone hiring?

I got email back from Marriott. And I read:

Dear Mr. Daddy,
Thank you for contacting Marriott Customer Care regarding the TownePlace Suites Philadelphia Horsham. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.
We received your information, and it has been forwarded to associates in the Executive Office of the hotel. Please accept our apology for the inconvenience you experienced. You will be contacted within three to five business days.

If we can be of further assistance, we invite you to reply to this email.

Thank you for choosing Marriott.


Marriott Dude
Marriott Customer Care
Lotus Notes

A Reply!

Dear Mr. Daddy,

Thank you very much for taking the time to contact Marriott Guest Relations in regards to your stay last night in our hotel. I was very dissappointed to find that we did not meet your expectations while staying at our hotel! I will address all of the mentioned issues with all personnel of the hotel in tomorrow’s morning meeting. It is unacceptable that my maintenance staff would let your guest room be in that condition, let alone the public areas of the hotel. I am also appalled that my housekeeping staff did not take care of the towels that were left in the room. Under these circumastances I do not believe that you should have been charged for the room at all! I have credited the entire stay back to the card that you gave at check in. As a token of my apologies, and in hopes that you will give us another opportunity to meet your expectations, I will also credit 8000 Marriott Rewards point to your account. I hope that you will use these points for a free night certificate at our hotel, and give us teh opportunity to better our service, but if that is not acceptable than please use them at your convenience.

Please let me know if there is anything else that you need, or if you have any plans to be in the Horsham/Willow Grove area again! Thanks again for the feedback it is important to improving our hotel!


General Manager
TownePlace Suites
198 Precision Dr
Horsham, PA 19044

Countin’ the hours ’til I get home

It seems that Shmuppie has taken it on herself to become the family’s moral compass/censor. Good for her. It’s about time someone took on the role. Lord knows JewelrySlut and I aren’t doing a very good job of it.

Saturday, I got 35 sad faces from her. I was especially bad. She’s taken to tattling on anyone who ever says a bad word, or what she perceives to be a bad word. It’s gotten quite annoying.

For example: On Saturday morning, she was up first. I got up, got dressed and went to help her through her morning things. When we went to her room to get dressed I was told:
“When I went to Myrtle Beach, I had on a red bathing soup (she doesn’t say suit…she says soup) and Mommy said a bad word”
This came out left field. “Why the hell are you starting the day by tattling on Mommy? We haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in months”
“You said a bad word.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”
“You said another bad word”
“You said another bad word”
“Hon! Why is the kid accusing you of swearing in Myrtle Beach?”
I got no response from our room. JewelrySlut was likely enjoying a moment of bathroom peace, something she does not get all week.

And so on and so forth.

Later that day, I was doing something in the kitchen. Cutting up some vegetable or another and I cursed. Shmuppie, having accused me of saying a bad word, went into the living room, got her “Ant Paper” (A pad from Terminex we picked up at the Home Show) and announced I was getting a sad face. Deciding to have some fun, I decided to make up as many combinations I could using the word shit. I got 35 sad faces. Now, since my shits were flying so fast and free, I was presented with a paper filled with upside-down “U’s”. No time for the whole face, just the sad part.

Know why I’m the World’s one and only NoGoodDaddy? When I ask her what happens when she tattles on people, she says “I make the baby Jesus cry.”

Good parenting that is.

On Saturday, when we weren’t getting sad faces, we also went and looked at some new houses. I convinced JewelrySlut to head to Apex/Holly Springs after the Farmer’s Market to investigate some new townhouses. We saw all 4 models and liked them. Fortunately for us, the place is still under construction, so it looks pretty bare. Our neighborhood now if old-ish so we have tall trees and stuff. We like it that way. But, these places were nice. All are 3 stories and have 2-car garages. We’re also realizing that our tastes in houses are changing. We’ve decided that we no longer need a formal dining or living room. These places had kitchens that flowed into eating areas. We like that. We like being able to entertain in the kitchen. Having a galley kitchen now kinda ruins that. So does the fact that our only friends live 500 miles away. Alas.

So, the ‘rents are coming on or about the 9th. JewelrySlut is very lucky. My mother will be arriving some time on the 7th. She’s driving all 3 dogs down from NJ that day. My father hopes she “has the endurance” to make it. He’s also proposing that she sleep at the house, on the floor, until the truck arrives. Because, as we know, they don’t want to be a burden on us. Am I Jewish? Did I miss a memo? Burden? Their not being a burden is what makes them a burden. I ha mentioned that Shmuppie and I may be away that weekend, and that threw them off. So, now my mother has asked us to be home. For what I don’t know. I don’t plan to unpack their truck, nor do I plan to clean their floors. They bought the place, they can clean it. In fact, I plan to now take Shmuppie to the circus, assuming I can get tickets. I have to do that whenever I get bored of typing. But, they don’t want to be a burden on us. If we don’t get a new kitchen or A/C in the basement after this is all said and done, we’re moving to Minnesota. They’re not even here and they’re already killing us.

And, I’m not jealous that JewelrySlut is going away. I could not be happier for her if I tried. No way does she need to go through this mess. I can dodge a lot of it by playing the “Watch the kid” and “Do you think I care about your house?” cards. She’s less able to do so.


The rest of the weekend was fun. We went to the Y yesterday to go swimming. I finally got to see Shmuppie in action. She’s quite the little fish. Her swim instructors are taking considerable interest in her. We think they’re going to want her to join the swim team as soon as she’s old enough. They apparently ride her in lessons, making her do laps. She’s 4 and can swim a full length of the pool without stopping. Not bad. I figure she’ll never be able to throw a curveball, so I’ll have to take out my hyperagressiveness out on a swim team. JewelrySlut can hardly wait. But, we had a good time and it was a good way to burn off some of the kid’s pent up energy. We may have to make a routine out of this.

Hey! I’m in PA again! I’m so excited I could pee in my pants. As usual, I’m here and I have nothing at all to do. And I had to come all the way here to do nothing why? Can someone tell me? Please? PHL was its usual fun self this morning.

We arrived about 20 minutes early and had to wait for the gate people to park us. Now, I ask this: Why can’t the captain call the airport and say something like “Hey, this is Captain DeepVoice of US Air 990. We’re a little early. Can you all make sure you have a gate crew ready for us?” They do talk to the airport about stuff like wind and runways, don’t they? Can’t they throw this into the conversation?

So, having waited for a gate, we went to baggage. Up on the big sign it told us to go to carousel G. OK…so we all gathered there. And waited. And waited. The sign on top of the carousel told us our flight was there as did the monitors. So, we waited. About 15 minutes later a guy walked past dragging 2 bags “If y’all ur frum Rahluh Duhrum, yur bags are ovur at B” At that moment, several people all said the same thing (and got sad faces) “This airport SUCKS!”

We trudged to B, where the signs said the bags were from Miami and there were our Rahluh bags circling. Just fucking great. How were we to know this? Better yet, how’d the guy with the 2 bags know to go to B? He could barely form a sentence. G…B…I don’t know.

To make matters worse, I have to stay in a new hotel this week. The Res was booked as was the Courtyard. On the bright side, it allows me to post a new hotel review on TripAdvisor. That’s always fun.

Well…I need to go do something. Maybe I’ll resume my search for a house to rent down at the beach.


Sail on, sail on sailor

Good Bye Sweet Prince.

Sail on Barbaro

With thanks to the Beach Boys and Jimmy at this our darkest hour.

I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean
Through restful waters and deep commotion
Often frightened, unenlightened
Sail on, sail on sailor

I wrest the waters, fight Neptune’s waters
Sail through the sorrows of life’s marauders
Unrepenting, often empty
Sail on, sail on sailor

Caught like a sewer rat alone but I sail
Bought like a crust of bread, but oh do I wail

Seldom stumble, never crumble
Try to tumble, life’s a rumble
Feel the stinging I’ve been given
Never ending, unrelenting
Heartbreak searing, always fearing
Never caring, persevering
Sail on, sail on, sailor

I work the seaways, the gale-swept seaways
Past shipwrecked daughters of wicked waters
Uninspired, drenched and tired
Wail on, wail on, sailor

Always needing, even bleeding
Never feeding all my feelings
Damn the thunder, must I blunder
There’s no wonder all I’m under
Stop the crying and the lying
And the sighing and my dying

Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor

And so, at this time when we all struggle for words, I ask this of thee:

How ya Hoofin?

How ya Hoofin?

How ya Hoofin’ indeed.

PS: Go here to see today’s real entry.

How ya Hoofin’?

January 30, 2007 update:

From January 29, 2007: KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. – Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was euthanized this morning amid taunts and insults by his Shiite detractors. The gallant colt was defiant to the end, reading from the Koran and calling for “death to the United States.”
In a tragic irony, moments after Barbaro was pronounced dead, doctors announced that “a mistake of almost unparalleled proportions” had occurred. It was discovered that Barbaro’s X-rays somehow were mixed up with those of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who suffered a serious leg injury several months ago. Dr. Noah Swayne, Barbaro’s attending physician, explained: “As it turned out, Barbaro was fine, but coach Paterno will have to be put down.”

I always do hadn’t got a clue

Monday Night:

Friday was fun. I got to EWR in plenty of time. Lord knows why I felt the need to take all this time, but take it I did. I had spent the morning praying for an on-time flight. It was snowing at 6:00 when I woke up so I didn’t expect much. As always, EWR failed to disappoint.

See, when you fly Continental (and any other airline) you can print your boarding pass ahead of time. I always do so because I want to sit in an exit row and stretch out. At EWR, you have to go to the .com bag drop when you’re checked in. It’s a simple procedure:
Swipe passport or credit card – check
Key in first 3 letters of destination – RAL
Do you have any luggage? – Yes
How many bags? – 1
Is it over 50lbs? – No

Then, the machine spits out a luggage tag, the underpaid angry lady doesn’t check your ID and you go.

Not last week.

I found myself on line behind Jessica and Caryn (I think). I know those were their names because it said so on the legs of their matching “World Stars” pants. These were NJ cheerleaders to the hilt; overly made up, too tan for January, and wearing an odd assortment of things in their hair. They were one of the many reasons we moved.

Well, they couldn’t check in. And, they were fucking up the line. EWR being EWR, there were some 14 kiosks. And they had like 4 open. One was occupied by a Pilipino with an 800lb bag who could not understand that he needed to pay a surcharge, and no sir, we don’t take checks. So, the line is fucking up and Jessica and Caryn (who may have been wearing each other’s pants for all the brains they had) were the reason. One’s on the cell phone with the group chaperone and the other is randomly keying things into the screen. I guess she was hoping to eventually get the confirmation number right.

Me being me, I decided to try to help

Do you have ID on you?
(blank stares)
Do you have photo ID?
Um…like, yea
OK…you need to go over there (pointing to Domestic check in)
Like no way. They told us to come here.
Do you have one of these (waving boarding pass)? This is the line for people who checked in already and just want to check a bag.
(blank stares)
Do you 2 even know where you’re going?
(Thinking very hard) Indiana?
OK. Do you know what airport?
See, Indiana’s got a few airports. Don’t you know which one? (At this point, I’m in full Sarcastic Asshole mode and am getting a laugh from the people on line)
Well, I think you need to go over there where all the people are. Maybe someone over there can help you.

With that, I walked off.

Now, I know I’m in an airport twice a week and am better at moving about in airports than most people, but, for the love of all things holy, you need to know where you’re going, don’t you? And, these were kids! Did they not have parents?


And, to make it better, when I finally got to the head of the security line, the TSA guard was on his cell phone with someone and wasn’t even checking ID’s. I could have walked through carrying all the liquids on Earth (because to carry explosives would have been bad) and no one would have been any wiser.

I love EWR.

We managed to take off an hour late because they had to repair an engine. While we sat on the plane and waited.

The engine.

On Sunday, I thought our heat pump was on fire. It turns out that when it spews smoke and it hot to the touch, things are normal. I missed that part of my Welcome to the South Manual for Yankees. I had to call the HVAC people and be told to calm down, that it was normal for the A/C to be on and for smoke to be rising from below my deck.

All in a Raleigh Day.

But, Monday was a PA day. The flight up was OK, but Holy Shit was it cold in Philly. There was fresh snow on the ground and I was none too happy to be in it. I don’t think I helped myself when I wandered the lot at National looking for a car with XM. But, I’m hooked. What can I say?

Tuesday Morning
(The following is a joke for Smed only)
I’m at the Residence Inn this week

If I stay at the Rez, I earn points half as fast as I do at the Courtyard.

If I stay at the Rez, I sleep better than I do at any other hotel

If I stay at the Rez, breakfast is included.

If I stay at the Rez, I drink good coffee.

(We’re back now. I hope the joke went over well)

This hotel is nice. But, the front desk staff is lacking. They have a lot of turnover, so they don’t know me at all. It’s nothing like the Courtyard in NJ. Here’s how check in transpired:

(Handing over my Amex) Checking in. Last name is Daddy
Oh Hi, Mr. Daddy. (type type type) Oh, I see you’re a Gold Member. Congratulations
You’re not excited?
No. All t hat means is that I spend a lot of time away from home.
Oh. Can I get your company name?
(Now. I call it RedCompany, right? You all know where I work these days, right? It’s a rather large company that the whole planet recognizes)
It’s RedCompany
Oh. That’s Z-O
No. RedCompany
Oh. Z-E
Oh…RedCompany. I get it.

My hotel room is nice. It has a fireplace. I somehow got bumped to a 2BR suite this week. That means I have a special poopin’ bathroom! I can destroy one and not have to smell it in my bedroom! Who says business travel is no fun anymore? Certainly not me.

For some reason I wrote the following on a piece of paper next to my bed last night. I can’t remember why:
Balding loser in a wrinkle-free shirt
I’m only to assume I was coming up with a new way to insult myself. Beyond that, I don’t really know.

Tuesday afternoon

I bought these odd candies last weekend. They’re called Horehound drops. How could I resist them? I like to bring strange foodstuffs here to PA because I’m the class clown here. And, I mean…Horehound.

So, we’re sitting here and the site GM, A, came in here. He saw the box
(In his Texas accent) What are these?
Horehound drops. I brought them form NC. I like to bring strange southern foods here.
What do they taste like?
We’re not sure. We’re determining if they taste like Hore or Hound. The jury’s out.
Oh. Are they soft or hard? (Pops one in his mouth). Oh…you suck it.
That’s what she said.

I mean, that joke’s never going to get old. I know they use it on the Office so it’s not supposed to be funny, but I’ll be damned if it ain’t. It’s also funny that I said this to someone who’s about 67 levels up the food chain at RedCompany than I am.

I really don’t care.

I’m debating whether or not I should post this now or see if I can come up with anything else to say. On days like this, I wish I had more of a blog-style page where I could add a sentence at a time as the mood hit me. Of course, I’m writing this paragraph for me only. Because, whether or not I post it now, you’ll all see it at once.

I think I need to go to bed.

Maybe I’ll post now.

Feelings for moving grow stronger

Let me copy in an email I just got:

My neighbor just came over to see me. She took her little boy to the playground behind the pool and was shocked to see the amount of “condoms including wrappers”, baggies, remnants of illegal activities and trash. It appears that there may be teenagers hanging out at the playground, smoking and having “fun”. I know you can’t patrol the playground, but if you can advise the others in court 1 (it’s the closest) to maybe keep an eye out to alert the police if they see any activity around that area at night.

Let me add the following:
The playground in question, while it is near our community property, does not belong to us. It belongs to the apartments that are nearby. It’s strange, but, as I understand it, a deal was cut some time back for our HOA to sell land to the developer of the apartments to create enough of a buffer zone between their buildings and our property line. Beats me.

And, what I liked best was that the wrappers were found. Because, when I know I’m having sex and need a condom, I put it on in the morning, throw the wrapper out in the bathroom trash and then walk around with my disk wrapped. Hell, I’m wearing a condom right now!

Also, I like how she knows that we can’t patrol the playground at night, but wants us to do so anyway. Sure. Let me get right on that. Let me get up in the middle of the night, get dressed and walk over to a piece of land that does not belong to me so I can tell the kids there not to have sex. If you ever saw this “playground” you’d be more than appalled. JewelrySlut and I don’t let Shmuppie anywhere near it. The little playground toys are all rusted and gross. Now, the tennis courts are not in much better shape, but at least they’re mostly flat and open.

I give up. I swear, the more I serve as El Jefe, the more I think we may need to move.

Allow me to paste in this email, also received today:
Second, I heard that one of the tenants that lives with the Rivera’s banished a gun to the daughter and the police were called. Also, I heard that the mother of one of the kids that plays with those kids won’t let them go back due to the fact that drugs are being run from that unit. It was told to someone that she knew for a fact that they dealt with drugs.

Anyone want to parse out that paragraph?
“banished a gun to the daughter” Tell me, how does one “banish a gun”? I mean, I can’t even come up with anything there.
And, as for the 2nd sentence…well, I’m at a loss.
The last sentence…”dealt with drugs”. Again, what?

The first email came from a board member, and the 2nd from a board member who also happens to be our Treasurer.

I really do want to give up sometimes and just move to another house. But, we like our house, and our court is really in good shape. All the people get along and while we do have more than our fair share of black people, things are OK.

Oh, that offended you? Well, last week, someone in the 2nd court went to CrazyAnne’s house (CrazyAnne is another board member) because she wanted to get a count on how many black people lived in her court. She’s afraid that the neighborhood is getting too black.

This is what I deal with every day.

Back to the house. Apparently, our court already went through its troubles. A few years back, there were several rental units and there were a lot of problems with crime and drugs. But, these days, while not many of us talk to one another, things are good. It’s very quiet and the kids who live in the area are mostly well-behaved. The house could be nicer, but we’re getting there. Plus, the local elementary school is one of the better ones in Wake County; the kind of school that kids from outside the district or zone or whatever it is, try to get moved into. So, Shmuppie would be in a good school through the 5th grade or so. But I honestly can’t see us staying put for that long.

I mean, if we wanted to pay some monthly bills, we could go have a lovely home up in Wake Forest. Plus, it would put a little more distance between us and the parents.

Wow…I just spent 20 minutes looking at houses in Holly Springs. That would be even farther away. They have nice big townhouses there. I think I’ll go home and tell JewelrySlut that we’re moving. It s not like she reads this thing or anything.

She does?

I may be in trouble.