How did I get here?

Tomorrow’s not just any other day.

Shmuppie goes to Kindergarten tomorrow. Holy shit.

I mean Holy Shit.


Or, as we say, 3O3.

We’ll all be getting up early from now on (a serious bummer if I’ve ever heard one) and shuttling the kid off to school. She goes tomorrow for a before-school assessment of sorts. They’ll see just how much of a retard she is and then assign her to a class. We go in on Friday afternoon to meet the teacher and then she goes off to school for real on Tuesday.

It’s exciting and scary. Shmuppie is bouncing off the walls she’s so excited. JewelrySlut and I are in a state of shock. I mean, we have a kid old enough to go to school?


Wish us all luck. I’ll take pictures.

See what you all missed?

Where have I been, you ask? (As if anyone cares)

Here and there…

Let’s go backwards:

We had the wedding to go to in DC. We drove up on the 9th and only encountered minor traffic in the immediate DC area. The trip didn’t suck too badly. We had left Shmuppie with my parents the night before so the trip up was devoid of any Disney music. That was good, especially considering that I had a 2-hour conference call to listen to while driving. But, we got to the hotel and were checked into the concierge level. Hmmm…I wonder if anyone I know from a certain hotel in Mahwah had anything to do with that? (The answer is yes by the way). We met up with the kid, maybe went swimming and then went to the love nest for the evening’s fun or something.

We watched the Aristocrats while Shmuppie watched The Little Mermaid in the other room. Kim was making the cake and arranging the flowers and the rest of us drank wine. We saw SIL’s (Sister-in-Law) dress…a brandy-new wedding gown…for wedding #3 no less.

Aug 10 was nothing short of spectacular. Except that it wasn’t at all. It was my birfday though. JewelrySlut and Shmuppie got me some fun stuff. I got an Optimus Prime Mr. Potato head, a St John license plate frame, a VI Pale Ale hat and I knew that a big VI Pale Ale sign was waiting for me at home. It’s nailed to the wall here in the office.

So, at mid-day, we trudged to downtown Rockville, MD for the wedding. We all walked into the courthouse in suits and dresses and such. Mind you it was 382 degrees outside and we were in the huge courthouse. They took a number (52) and got on line to get married. When the guy in front of them got his pound of thinly slices smoked turkey, we all shuffled into a small room and, 5 romantic minutes later, they were married.


We had a dinner back at the hotel’s restaurant. We paid SIL’s older son to call SecretAgentBrother “Daddy” all night. Towards the end of the night, Kim unveiled a special cake for me. In addition to the wedding cake, she’d made me a special Spider Pig cake. It was awesome. We all retired to bed and I threw up. I don’t think I was all that drunk…rather I think I ate too much cake.

The ride home was a gas and a half. Go grab a map of Virginia everyone. I can wait.


OK…find where the DC beltline hits 95 on the Southwest side of DC. Find where Route 85 hits 95 south of Richmond. See all that road? Yea…filled with traffic. This made the adventure of 2005 seem like a picnic. Fortunately, Shmuppie slept for 3 hours of it.

But, we finally got home and I immediately packed for a trip to NJ. I was there from the 13th – 16th. The night of the 16th was fun. I got home at 1:30AM on the 17th. We sat on the tarmac at EWR for 3 1/2 hours. During that time, I developed a cold. It was fun.

I was home for the weekend and went back to NJ last week for the 20th – 22nd. More fun. For that trip, it was freezing in NJ. It rained and never got above 60 degrees.

But, now I’m home.

I did get a good cake when I got home though. We decided to celebrate the day of my birth on the 17th. So, I had my steaks and potato salad. I was happy. The steaks were hugely awesome. I made mad poopies the next day. The cake, as you all will see, somewhat went off theme for JewelrySlut. She was able to buy exactly what you see at the store.

The 2007 cake:

Cake 1

Here it is more romantically lit:

cake 2

We finished it off last night.

And, lastly, a picture of the dopey kid:


Otherwise, work has been insane. I’m covering for someone this week and still am trying to steer one of HealthCareRelatedCompany’s biggest projects to RedCompany. This would be infinitely more fun if RedCompany wasn’t out to make me suffer. I hope to settle it in the next 2 days. Could be a nice feather in my cap.

Speaking of work…here’s a sign of how wring things are. I have been named to a RedCompany global commission/team to train people about the work that I do. I have been named the North American representative for the type of work I do. Scary thought…

Oh yea…Delta is pissing me off. We’re trying to book next summer’s trip and they’re not releasing any free tickets for the ATL-STT trip. We’re juggling options and trying to figure things out. Woe is us…we may end up there for 10 days because it may be cheaper to stay for longer. We’re also looking at new houses. ChurchBomber happens to be here this weekend and we’ve been reviewing options. This had better work out or I’m going to be pissed. I don’t want to spend the vulgar sum of money it will cost to fly us there.

Eh…I don’t know. That’s about it for now.