Should have remembered to put a title on this one, no?

Life has been peacefully boring lately. That’s a good thing.

We shipped Shmuppie off to school last Thursday.

we call that her stupid smile

She had her assessment day or whatever the heck it was. All went well we presume because we were invited back on Friday to meet her teacher and see her classroom. Her teacher seems very nice and she wasted no time in enlisting JewelrySlut to be the Room Mother. I’d like to think they had an instant connection or something, but I get the feeling that she saw the first Mommy come through the door who wasn’t dragging 46 other kids with her nor has an apostrophe in her name. You take what you get.

The long weekend was nice. We let Shmuppie pick out where she wanted to go to dinner on Friday to celebrate. She chose Sweet Tomatoes, a kind of salad bar/buffet place. JewelrySlut and I had not been yet. Shmuppie had been with my parents. It was good enough, but very scary. I guess we’re just not cut out for the Southern Buffett experience. It was rough.

Saturday involved a trip to the Farmer’s Market (of course). I had to pick up veggies for grilling on Saturday evening. SecretAgentBrother and NewWife were in town and we were going to the ‘rents’ house for dinner.

Have I mentioned that my parents have boarders? SecretAgentBrother’s childhood friend, Mike, and his wife have moved in up the road. They didn’t have jobs in NJ, so they packed up and left. They’re living in my parents’ guest room. Their shit is living around the corner in a garage. My mother convinced on e of her best friends to move here. They bought a house and it has been sitting empty…except for the basement.

We ended up roasting a quarter pig (front left for those keeping score) and drank a lot of beer. It was fun enough I guess. I saw Borat. I know I’m very late to the whole Borat scene, but that was one funny movie. Say what you will, but I was in pain when it was over. My stomach and head were pounding from laughing. What can I say? Juvenile humor appeals to me.

We went back on Sunday for lunch. It was less fun because we all had heartburn.

We went to a Mudcats game yesterday, the season finale.

Look! An action shot!

That was fun. We had our usual front row seats and spent a fine afternoon heckling the umpire. He was not pleased with us. Too bad.

Shmuppie went back to school today for her first real day of school.


The house is oddly quiet. That’s a good thing, especially considering just how retarted the kid has been lately. Last night, I really wished I’d been recording her. I have to do t hat some time.

But, that’s about it. I go to NJ on the 17th for a few days and only need to survive 13 more work days after today until vacation.

And, one more thing. JewelrySlut made a cake the other night for dessert.