Closer to the end

Both of Saturday’s misadventures are posted to the left. It’s now time to truly enjoy our “suffering”.

In other news…fuck it. I don’t give a flying fuck about doing anything but finishing this fucking trip report. Fucking thing’s already over 16,000 words and I have a day to go and a house report to write.

All for you bastards! Do I not entertain you?!

Wish me luck

Tomorrow, we’re pulling out all the remaining top cabinets in the kitchen. We have made our purchase at Lowe’s and Mike and I will be at work all day. We’re hoping all goes well and are excited to see the results.

To celebrate, we went out for sushi. Shmuppie had seemed interested lately in a few items, so we decided to try out our favorite place on her.

Holy Crap…did the kid eat.

She ate nearly half of the squid and seaweed salad I pulled off the sushi train. She ate half a Yakatori chicken skewer. She ate a cucumber roll. As her entree, we ordered her an Udon noodle dish (promising her Japanese spaghetti). It was a cauldron of soup with noodles and vegetables along with shrimp and vegetable tempura. She ate the shrimp (offering bites to JewelrySlut and me), the vegetables, half the noodles and nearly half the broth. Then, she had fried ice cream.

The bill came to $100, way more than we’d hoped to spend, but the blonde garbage pail could not be filled. There was no stopping her last night.

Anyway…this was all an excuse to get you to read this and then look off to the left again. Aug 12 is up.