What’s up lately?

Well…it’s hard to say.

We’ve been sick. Shmuppie officially has strep throat. She missed school last Friday and yesterday. I was on a whirlwind trip to PA and NJ and PA again last week and developed a lovely cold while there. I got home on Friday afternoon and got progressively sicker. I spent Sunday shitting myself to death and had the bright idea that getting on a plane the following day was a bad idea. So, here I sit…home for a week before I take off for 2. Ugh.

Work continues to find new ways to suck. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been totally fucked over. I was made the official project manager on a project I knew very little about. Ok…maybe being a PM is good for my long-term career, but not for my short-term sanity. It’s especially problematic because the project in question has had several PM’s so far and nobody seems to be doing anything. So…they put me in the role. Gee…thanks.

My problem lately is that I was already doing the work of at least 2 people.

Since June, I’ve been stuck in PA being the main liaison between the production operation and HealthCareRelatedCompany. That’s all well and good, but it’s near-impossible to do remotely. So, I get stuck going back and forth to PA about 3 times per month. And, when I’m there, people see me and then find other things they don’t want to do. Those tasks get assigned to me.

I also have what remains of my old job. Of course, the details of it were never made clear to me. I think I’m supposed to be finding new production jobs to put in the PA shop. I find them…but I need pricing from the operation for them. So…I ask operations for pricing. They ignore me. We piss off HealthCareRelatedCompany even more…I get angry emails.

Then, I have generalized production messes I continue to be asked to clean up. I don’t mind this very much because I’m good at it and feel a wee sense of accomplishment when I actually see something work better than it was prior to my involvement. But, those good feelings are often fleeting.

Let’s put it this way…I wrote that sentence about 2 hours ago. Since then, I had 3 conference calls, 2 of which I ran. In those calls, I was assigned even more work…work that I neither understand nor care about. My lovely boss assigned me the work. He did this mere moments after I sent him an email missive explaining that if he doesn’t take some of this workload from me soon, something bad’s gonna happen.

I don’t know. I know you don’t want to read about this and I don’t even want to write about it.

I have little else to say. Other than, of course, the fact that my body looks fabulous. 3+ days of explosive diarrhea will do that to you.

What else? It’s cooler here than I would like. The kid continues to misbehave at school. The Caroline Mudcats are changing affiliates. This last part is crushing. They’re not going to be affiliated with the Marlins any more. So…all our kids who we’ve been watching are headed to Jacksonville next year. We’re getting a Reds or Giants affiliate apparently. My father called to tell me that he was actually upset by the news. It sounds silly, but we love our Mudcats. 5 or so of them made it to Miami last week to join the Marlins. We’re so happy for them.

We’re so lame.

I really need to be able to stop and think a bit. We need to get the kitchen finished. Anyone have good pricing on granite or another composite counter surface?

We’re either good parents or really crappy ones

Here’s about how I see it. You’re either going to agree with us here or you’re not. And, since I know most of my readers (all 1 of you), I think you’ll agree.

Shmuppie lost her first tooth yesterday. It had been loose for a while and she finally yanked it out yesterday at school. I’d been telling her for a week that if it didn’t fall out soon, I was getting my pliers and removing it…and then eating it. I’m a nice guy.

So, JewelrySlut was excited and Shmuppie was excited. I was having a shitty day. Shmuppie had recently declared that the Tooth Fairy was bringing her $1000 for losing her first tooth. We tried to lower expectations a tad. Js ran out to the store to buy a little gift in celebration of the event.

Time passes and I’m still down here stewing about work. After a while, I hear crying from upstairs. Curious, I walk upstairs. The ladies are in the kitchen. Shmuppie is sobbing.

We have a problem. Shmuppie, in her infinite wisdom and utter inability to shut up, has spilled the beans. She made a comment about being on green at school, but was quick to tell JewelrySlut not to verify this with her teacher. Why?

Oh…we’re lying again. Shmuppie has been telling us every day since day 1 of school that she’s been on green (remember form last year…they have little behavior cards in the classroom?). This went on despite the fact that we sat her down on the evening of August 24 and told her that she needed to tell us the truth about her behavior. We asked every day after school and followed up with “Are you telling the truth?” She kept saying yes. Dopes that we are, we believed her.

We learned that she’s been on green once all year. On the very first day of school, she was on either yellow or orange. I can’t remember which because at this point in the story my brain had exploded.

So, JewelrySlut and I were pissed. The kid was lying to us again and doing it with ease. Who do you blame for this? Well, if I was one of my neighbors, I’d blame someone else. But, I guess JewelrySlut and I are to be blamed here. We’re not sure what we’re doing to make the kid think it’s Ok to lie to everyone over and over again, but we must be doing something.

I also wonder if it’s the school.

**Generalization alert**

As I’ve said, she doesn’t look like a lot of the kids in her class. They’re not all caterpillars or anything…they just look different and come from VERY different home environments. I wonder if she’s learning from the other kids not to snitch and to lie whenever you’re cornered. Lord knows they’re getting that at home.

What? Don’t make that face at me. It’s fucking true and you know it. We see it in the neighborhood with the local kids all the time.

(Another reason why we’re starting to think about thinking about moving. This part of Raleigh is really getting on my nerves.)

So…back to the kid. We needed to come up with a suitable punishment. But, taking things away from her doesn’t seem to have an impact. She’s got so much shit that we’d have to strip the house to the studs in order for her to feel punished. JewelrySlut isn’t sure that public beatings are in order either.

We were at a loss.

JewelrySlut had a solution.

No Tooth Fairy.

Yup…hit the kid in the mouth…literally. It’s mean and it bothered JewelrySlut a lot more than it bothered me, but that’s what we did. JewelrySlut was out last night (she came home with $4 more than she left with so I can only imagine), so I put Shmuppie to bed. We put her tooth in her little Tooth Fairy box and put it under the pillow. When JewelrySlut got home, she penned a note to Shmuppie (as the tooth Fairy) in which she stated that she (TF) was aware of Shmuppie’s behavior and, as a result, could not leave a gift. Sorry kid…better luck next time.

Js is still upset about having taken away from Shmuppie’s experience but I think the kid got what she deserved. The Tooth Fairy has been a major topic of discussion since August. Apparently, Shmuppie was devastated this morning when she saw and read the note.

Is any of this going to either encourage the kid to behave or, more importantly, not to lie to us? We don’t know. We have asked her teacher to keep us informed of her in-class behavior from now on. If the kid lies to us again, I may kill her. We know she’s 6, but we have really tried to explain to her that telling the truth will not get her in trouble. It may upset us, but coming clean is always better than lying.

Ugh. I don’t know.

In other news, we spent the weekend cleaning. Our bedroom is now laid out in the opposite orientation than it used to be. My thought was that if we could get our heads away from the windows maybe the noise from the low life hoodlums who live around us may be muted enough so I can get a decent night’s sleep. So far, things are better. I still wake up 2 hours after I go to sleep and then about every 2-3 hours after that, but it beats not sleeping at all.

And…work sucks ass. I hate it.