It’s SIPOCR Time!

Can I be pissed of for a moment?


Expect me, in the coming weeks to months, to start talking like this:

“The consequence of single-loop learning is single-loop learning.”

Yup folks, NoGoodDaddy is a Green Belt Candidate! I have been enlisted into the ranks of Six Sigma!

I was drafted to participate in a project here in PA as a way to get my green belt. Apparently, this is good for my career. What I know, as of now, is that it means a ton of online learning followed by a week in Rochester NY for training. I was supposed to get all this done before Dec 1 and I was assigned to the project this time yesterday.


I told my boss he’s out of his mind.

Know what else I hate? People who seemingly purposely butcher the English language.

I’m talking about foreigners. Not in a “Yew better be speakin’ my language, boy” kind of way, but more in a “I understand you were born in Puerto Rico and likely lived there for 5 years or so, but that was over 30 years ago and it’s time to learn how to read and speak English because, honestly, listening to you read off a PowerPoint deck makes me want to stab you and cry.”

Holy shit on a stick! This is going to be so very painful. The woman who’s getting her black belt seems, by all accounts, to be a fucking retard. I have taken it on as my responsibility to point that out.

At one point, she told me to lead part of today’s meeting. I looked her dead in the eyes (in a room full of managers) and told her that she was about to learn that I don’t like being asked to participate in projects where I have not been informed what the project is and am expected to lead a meeting about it. With that, I grabbed a marker and headed to the white board. I was to document some of the hindrances to the meeting. I mentioned, among other things, that the meeting organizer should be on time, have her handouts printed in advance and properly set up the Net Meeting.

You asked for it, bitch. I just delivered it.

I’m not going to enjoy any of this. I can tell from now.

As soon as anyone actually takes time to tell me what the project is, I’m sure my life will be better. Right.

On a better note, I’m only here in PA until tomorrow. I get to go home and should arrive home in time to see the finishing touched put on the kitchen counters. Did I mention that we picked out granite last week? We’re very excited. The kitchen is going to look awesome. We went with a darker brown than we’d originally had in mind. It looks like our idea of a hammered copper backsplash won’t work any more, but some awesome blue tiling might. I’m thinking we can pull off an Earth and Sky/Water thing in there.

I also get home in time for the 2nd annual meeting of this year for the Homeowner’s Association. I’m not presiding over it, so I plan to go and watch the show. Lately, I’m becoming more and more a dictator over the puppet government that is in place. I sit at home and let them all come to me with questions and concerns. But, they bozos in the neighborhood don’t know it and, thusly, don’t yell at me. That’s nice.

Then, on Saturday, we’re heading to Emerald Isle for the weekend. Shmuppie has off on Monday and Tuesday, so we figured it was a good time to get out of town. The weather is supposed to be nice; sunny and in the upper 60′s. I’m hoping to get some sleep and to play on the beach with the girls…and to drink rum and eat fresh seafood. What could be better?

The Saga of the Homeless

I’ve been bad here lately. I’ve been taking out my aggression over all of this over on the Virgin-Islands-On-Line Board where several of my geeky island buddies have been nice to me. Since very few of you bastards read or comment here any more, I’ll take whatever friends I can get.

Below are my posts, there are a whole slew of others out there. The full thread is here

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:53 am Post subject: How does this happen?

I mean…how does one get to the point where one just stops paying one’s mortgage?

If you’re unfortunate enough to read my “other” ramblings, you are now braced against your chair in a mixture of horror and delight. You want to know if I can do this without cursing, don’t you?

Last Wednesday, 2 people, 2 beagles and one fish moved into our home. They’re “friends” of ours. Why “”? This is my brother’s childhood best friend and his wife. They happen to have moved to NC a year ago.

Now, they’re homeless. Why? BECAUSE THEY STOPPED PAYING THEIR MORTGAGE! No ARMs here…they simply stopped paying because they had no money. Why would you buy a house when you know you have no money? Why would you not rent an apartment for 2/3 the cost?

Yea…I’m pissed off. As I told the Mrs. the other night:
I started working full time 5 days after I graduated form college. I’ve had crappy jobs. I’ve had truly crappy jobs. I’ve driven bad cars. I’ve worked my tail off because that’s what you do when you’re an adult. We scraped and saved to get a house. We fixed it up. We hit rock bottom a few times along the way. I’ll admit that my parents have helped bail us out on 2 occasions. Bad decisions put us in big time $$ holes. But, we’ve either paid them back or are paying them back. I spend half my life in a hotel away from my family because it’s what you have to do sometimes.

And, I have these 2 clowns living here now. They’re eating us out of house and home and drinking my booze. Want to know pain? Pain is watching a 28 year old pour huge rum drinks. Oh no…he’s not using the cheap rum you save for mixed drinks. He’s using your Arundel. The Arundel you bought in CGB when you turned 30. The birthday present you bought yourself that year because…what the hell? How often do you spend any money on yourself (even if it was $12).

I know I’m not making a point and am ranting, but I am really tired. I want my house back.

Ask them to leave? Where the hell are they going to go? Their house was already auctioned off. It’s not theirs. They think a lawyer can fix that for them. In 4 days, the house’s contents are to be liquidated. Then what? You can’t just throw people on the street. I’m a bastard, but not that much of one. Charge them rent? They have no $$.

In 5 days, I have to board a plane for a week in PA. Can I put my wife and daughter through this on their own?

Right now, all I want is a glass of wine (haven’t had a drink since Sunday because I can’t bring anything into the house, lest it get guzzled and I can’t afford $25 of wine to get consumed each night), a quiet dinner, some time with my wife and daughter and to make those reservations for the long weekend on the NC coast we’ve put on hold.

Don’t tell me I’m doing a good thing. That stopped a few days ago.

Right now, I’m just pissed off at the world and at the irresponsibility of people.

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:22 am

His parents will take him back if he leaves the Protestant whore he married (their words), repents, and annuls the whole thing.

She refused to tell her mother about this. Then, my mother called her mother. Now, it’s out there.

She just started a new job. He’s due in court tomorrow.

It’s hard. We evicted the dogs yesterday because I could not handle it. I work at home and can’t be listening to barking dogs all day (not to mention cleaning up their pee off my carpet (ask them to do it? They think it’s funny)).

How do you send 2 people out onto the street? I am probably the biggest bastard you all have never met. But, even the Grinch had a heart. I can not go force them to be homeless. Until this happens in your house, it’s hard to say what you would and would not do.

Today, they allegedly find out from the lawyers what’s happening. As I mentioned they think they can get the house back because Wake County or the bank screwed up the process (riiiight) and can sue to get their house. If that doesn’t work, we have to move their crap to a storage shed. I don’t have room here for anything else.

My hope is that by tonight, they know if they can get the house back. Then, we can set a move out date. Then, we can discuss payment to us for food. I’ll put a roof over any of your heads if you come to my home. It’s open to anyone. That attitude comes from knowing that we have and a lot of people don’t. I won’t say we’re blessed or lucky. I work for what I have. But, I know that others don’t. I’ve also been on the receiving end of kindness (Ruth buying me a birthday beer…for example) and know how great it feels. My island spirit has taken over and my home is open.
(See how I tied that back to the forum??? See??)

I just don’t want to be taken advantage of.

Maybe I need to start yelling, but I am already under a crushing load of stress from work and don’t need any more.

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:43 am
Lots of questions:

He does not work. (Wait for this one). He has a felony conviction on his record for credit card fraud. Tomorrow is court. His community service may not be done. That’s the excuse for not working.

Her parents: Dad is a deadbeat in Vegas. Mom has said she can’t/won’t help.

My brother: He’s written his friend off because he’s a deadbeat.

Kids: They have none.

Booze: The house has gone dry.

I don’t know. The happy guy in the hula skirt is gone. I don’t have the energy for any of this. I’m just so cooked right now.

Not a plea for sympathy…just a fact.

I want my life back

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:22 pm

I showed the Mrs. the thread and then went to the gym to go beat on an exercise bike.

I just got home.
“Did you read it?”
“Tell them all to go walk a mile in our shoes”

And it’s not that either of us are “mad” at you guys. Because, I’d say the same thing to any of you. In fact, I’d be using far better language.

She has said: “If we need to leave to go to a hotel, let us know.”

Stop yelling “Then tell them to go” all of you. It’s not that easy. Remember: I’m a raging a-hole. In fact, the “she” in this barely likes me. That said, even I can’t just throw 2 people out onto the street. If any of you have told a person who has come to you in tears begging for shelter, for their very lives, to scram, then you’re stronger people than we are.

Again…not “mad” at anyone here. I don’t even know any more. We’re ripping apart at the seams. (Somehow, turning to you goons and writing it all our makes me feel a little less bad.)

Back on topic:
Let’s run the numbers: The local Extended Suites (and Hepatatitis) America hotel will run them $70 per night after taxes and crap. 2 weeks = $1000. They haven’t eaten or done laundry.

Where are they coming to eat?

Laundry (That my loving wife did for them last week)?

So, what does this get me? Peace between 11 – 6. Great. Then, in 2 weeks, the money is gone. Then what?

They’re not getting the GD house back. It belongs to Freddie Mac! One would need to buy it in order to live in it. One would need a mortgage in order to buy it. One would need money and credit to get one.

Thanks for listening everyone. I don’t know what I want more. The hug or the kick in the balls that brings me back to reality.

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:48 pm

OK jerkies. You’re firing me up. The Mrs. and I have spoken and, come hell or high water, we need to talk to them tonight…have, as I called it, “The Adult Talk”.

What’s funny about this is that I don’t think they realize what they’re doing. Maybe that’s how people like this act. Maybe they just think I’m crankier than usual.

Part of the problem with our inability to talk this out is that I’m just wasted from work. I don’t have the energy to handle this. But, as I always tell myself and anyone who will listen, if you don’t do it, who will?

Which brings us back to the root of this problem…if you don’t take responsibility for your actions, won’t someone always be there to bail you out?

Oh…it doesn’t work that way?

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:37 am

Well…I’m going to stand here and pull down my pants and point my ass towards the computer. Feel free to line up and kick it (assuming you all don’t go blind)

Last night was a big steaming pile of nothing.

Work imploded on me at about 5:30 and I was still here hammering away and juggling calls at 6:30 when the caravan arrived. M&K came home and the Mrs. and the Monster got home from swimming.

I knew dinner was coming, as well as K’s voice. I also still had work to do. And I knew that if I went upstairs someone was going to die.

(For anyone else who works at home, you may know the feeling. When work is extremely stressful, it’s all but impossible to go from “work mode” to “Dad/husband mode” simply by walking up the stairs. Some days, I actually miss my commute. At least it gave me somewhere to unwind and yell)


I went upstairs at 7:00 to announce that I was not hungry and that they could all eat without me. Then, I took a seat on the sofa and watched Scrubs. I needed to unwind. At 7:30, I went up to bathe the child (Hadn’t seen her all day and took the opportunity of shower time to teach her the story of Medusa…don’t ask)

By 8:00 when she was tucked in and the Mrs. was in the shower, M&K had gone to their room. I think they were hiding from Hurricane Rob. You could see it in my eyes that I was out for blood.

However, K did mention to the Mrs. that they are “trying to get out of our hair” really soon.

So, here’s the latest:
M is in court this morning, apparently settling up his case and having his record expunged. We’re not sure he finished his community service (nor do we care).

Their lawyer is filing an injunction today to stop Saturday’s lawn sale from happening. This is based on the theory that the whole process happened out of procedure (notification-wise)

They meet with said lawyer this afternoon to continue to discuss their case.

I really hope to have a better day today so I can sit them down and figure this out. I leave for PA on Sunday. That’s the “soft date” for them to leave. The “hard date” is Oct 31 because we’re heading out of town the following day for a weekend at the beach.

Better day? I have conf calls starting at 9:00. I’m triple-booked at 10, double-booked at 1:00, have a 2-3 and a 3-4.

Banner friggin day.

And, on another note, they don’t have keys nor are they allowed in the house without us.

Kick away! I deserve it.

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:06 pm

Lawyer: as far as I understand, it’s on contingency. Contingency of what? Beats me.

Mortgage: They gave anyone a mortgage in 2007. They applied and keyed M’s SSN incorrectly. When they fixed it, they saw that his credit number is a negative number. They told her that they could take him off the application and find her a mortgage. Anyone wanna know why your 401k sucks so bad?

They’re still hoping to get the whole thing somehow reversed? How does one un-sell a house?

That’s what I want to know.

In any event, M needs to hang for 2 more days. We need to build up some cabinet support for the kitchen.

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:03 am

Today’s update:

They had a successful injunction filed yesterday to not have the house sent to the street on Saturday.

They’re meeting the lawyer tonight to discuss the future. Apparently, work to date is setting them back $1000 – $3000. Apparently, they have money for this (but not to pay the mortgage???)

If there’s a case that the process was mis-handled, the lawyer will take the case on contingency should they sue the city/county/state/bank etc.

Last night, K asked me if I could fax something. I said I could…all I needed was a file and fax number (work e-fax account). I asked what it was…she was faxing our Congressman, Brad Miller and Senator, Elizabeth Dole to wail about all of this. I said I would not permit that from my work-supplied fax number. Fax your crazy from somewhere else.

As for departure: The date is Oct 31. Before then, they need to be out because we’re headed to the coast for the weekend. I’m out of town next week and am not thrilled about having them still around, but it’s the best we can do.

Until then, M is supposed to be upstairs right now constructing the “cabinet” frame we need to build in the kitchen. Since I don’t hear a saw, I’m going to have to go upstairs in a few to kick him into action. I’m using him for carpentry. Once this is done though, I’m out of tasks I need done in the house. The granite comes next week for the kitchen. When this is done, I’ll have used him for a new deck and a kitchen full of cabinets.

More to come…

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:28 pm

The latest:

The house needs to be emptied (The house that was once theirs) by maybe tomorrow, maybe Saturday, possibly Monday. They just came to this realization today and spent a while earlier scrambling to find movers.

“Movers suck! They’re expensive”

They think they can be back in the house by Wednesday and more or less “reset” to Day 1 of the 90-day foreclosure cycle. Beats me…they’re not here.

Then, we discussed moving. They can only afford 4 hours worth of movers. My point was: Move what you can. What are the real chances that whoever is “in charge” here will actually throw your stuff to the curb? There’s a cease and desist stating that the stuff can’t be sold. Why would anyone throw it out? They don’t care enough to spite you. I was arguing; take what you absolutely 150% can not live without.

“I want it all. It’s my stuff and I want it all” (This is her)

Oh really, Varuka? Can I get you a golden goose with that?

Stuff…she wants her stuff. This woman is a child. As I keep screaming in my head: If you’d paid your effing mortgage, none of this would have happened”

“know what I’m going to do next”
“Declare bankruptcy”
“Then I can keep my house and they don’t get paid. I’ll show them (Wells Fargo)”
“I hate to sound this way, but do you think they care one (expletive) about you and that you will in any way hurt them?”
“But I’ll have my house”

And circle gets the square.

If they’re not out on Wednesday or so, they’re out on Friday night (Halloween). We need to leave the house to go to Emerald Isle where I intend to eat my weight in freshly caught seafood, drink rum (they sell Tortuga AND Cockspur down there!!!) and have lots of sex with my wife.

I did ask if they are able to expense living expenses should they need a hotel. She plans to sue someone for that.

I asked for my cut. I asked what the going rate is for a room, food, drink, free internet service and political advice from a 6-year old (other thread but I can’t help but call attention to myself) etc.

You think I’m kidding.

Earlier, I almost was feeling their pain. This is rough.

Then I heard the “I want my stuff” speech and remembered why I have never liked her and can understand why he got himself hooked on Percocet. (That’s really inappropriate, isn’t it?) But, I swear to Dog…if you had to listen to this crap…

I leave for PA on Sunday night. I’ll be selfish and gleefully say: 3 more nights!

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 7:15 am

Storage unit.

They will empty the house over the next 48 hours (Although…M is in the shower right now). On Wednesday or so, they will re-load the necessities. This is an insurance policy against their next pending eviction.

Of course, making this all the more wonderful is the fact that they can’t get into the house without a realtor present. They can’t be “trusted” not to set the house on fire or smash it up. They have to hope the realtor assigned to them is free more or less all day for the next 3 days.

Good times!

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:11 am

Anybody still care about this saga?

They cleaned out the house this past weekend and have it all in a storage unit. It’s looking like they have no plans to go back to it. Ever.

They’re finding apartments nearer to where K works.

And, please don’t ask questions about how they will get an apartment with no credit because I just don’t know. They think that they can more or less give the deed to the bank before the foreclosure happens again and get off less bad that if they had actually foreclosed.

So what was the past 12 months? A time to play house?

I’m boggled by it. I’m, also in PA this week so my dear wife is trapped in the house with them and our very own disease factory.

But…they leave soon.

Houseguests and fish…

So…here we stand. It’s Monday. Or, as I like to say: Day 6.

They’re still here. Things are not going well for JewelrySlut and me. It’s just a fucking nightmare.

(I know…woe is us…It’s not like we lost our house or anything)

Yea…fuck off. You don’t have 2 people crashing at your house who are slobs. Their dogs aren’t living in your basement pissing on everything in site. We’ve cut off the supply of booze into the house. No more beer or wine for us. We simply can’t afford it any more. Because, even if it’s cheap wine, when it goes out the door by the gallon, shit is expensive.

Sorry. I’m a little ornery lately.

On Saturday, we pulled out all the bottom cabinets. It went well and the new ones are in. M and I got them all reinstalled and they’re all nice and level. The granite people are working up a plan for us. We likely need to build a platform for the granite slab where it covers the washer and dryer. We continue to be quite pleased with things. We’re doing well and are on pace to have this all done in plenty of time for Thanksgiving.

Back to reality.

This is what we have figured out.

Their house is no longer their house. It was sold at auction last month. Freddie Mac purchased it back from the bank. So…it’s gone. The house is not theirs.

In March, K says she didn’t have internet access. As a result, she could not click the “pay here” button on her Wells Fargo account. So, she asked M to get the bill paid.

They know they didn’t pay April and May.

Well, if M never paid March, that’s 3 months. 3 months in a row = start foreclosure. Through the Wake County website, I was able to trace the history of this. I saw the notice to appoint a new trustee to the loan. I saw the notice of the foreclosure hearing. I saw the auction. I saw the sale.

They claim to know nothing of any of this.

Let me ask you this: What are the chances that the govt. fucked up and failed to notify them of ANY of this? Yea…slim to none.

What if I also add that the people involved are more or less pathological liars who scheme at all times?

Any chance they didn’t know?

Didn’t think so.

On a good note, the dogs are leaving today. My mother called K’s mother to let her know what was up. K had been lying to her mother about all this. When my mother told K’s mother, she nearly had a stroke. My mother mentioned that I work from home and have the dogs down here with me; howling and pissing on things. I guess K’s mother told her to get the dogs out of here. They’re going away in a few hours. I am happy.

But, as far as we know, on Saturday, someone is holding a liquidation sale at the house (I refuse to call it “their house” anymore because it no longer is).

Let me ask you this:
It’s Monday. In 5 days, people are packing up the house where you until recently lived and selling all of it to the highest bidder. You have been afforded the opportunity to get the stuff.

What would you do?
A: Pin your hopes that the lawyer you met today can stop this process
B: Hire a moving truck for Thursday and rent storage

If you said “A”, you not only are an idiot…but you get to live with me! Wouldn’t you get all your shit as soon as possible? As insurance if nothing else? Right?

Well…not happening.

JewelrySlut and I are also printing out listings for local apartment complexes. After this week, they need to live somewhere. They can’t stay here any more. So, if the house can’t be “returned” to them, they need to do something.

So, any advice on throwing people out of your home? And, before you say “Fuck them…throw them out”, please consider that these are people. One of whom you have known since he was all of about 10.

It sucks big time.

The bottom line is that you need to PAY YOUR FUCKING BILLS!

And then we had houseguests

Wednesday was supposed to have been what passes lately as a normal day. Work started out in its usually crappy way.

However, a ray of sunshine appeared for me at 11:30. I had a phone interview for a new job within RedCompany. I’ve been trying to find a way out of my current position for a few weeks now and this opportunity popped up. There seems to be interest on both sides. I know I’m definitely interested in the opening and they seem to be intrigued by some of the skills I could lend to their team. I was told by the recruiter guy to expect a 2nd interview the first week in November.

So that’s good. Because, lately, work has been bad. I have no direction and no objectives. My job, essentially, is to sit back and wait for other people to screw up and then go fix things. I’m measured by my ability to minimize the explosion when other people blow up. It’s not rewarding.

So, with a spring in my step, I decided to not go to the gym and to go on a walk instead. I had a lovely walk. While I was out, JewelrySlut got home. I had a positive interview, a nice invigorating walk and JewelrySlut was home. To make it better, she made us lunch.

Interview. Walk, JewelrySlut. Sandwich. All was good.


Since JewelrySlut was home, I let her answer. When I’m working and she’s home I tend not to answer the home line in case my line rings and I need to get on the phone.

I keep eating and answering emails.

JewelrySlut appears down here looking quite pale.

Me: What?
JewelrySlut: That was M. They’ve been evicted. He’s at K’s office. He’s coming over with the dogs.
Me: What? (Slightly more incredulously this time)
JewelrySlut: The sheriff came and evicted them.
Me: What? The? Fuck?
JewelrySlut: I know. He’s on his way.
Me: Oh shit.

So, I am now the proud owner of 2 additional adults, 2 poorly-trained beagles and one fish.

My life is hell.

It’s not as bad as the hell one endured when one loses one’s home, but it is hell never the less. Because I now have 2 bickering homeless people living in my guest room.

Hell I tells ya.


Getting to the bottom of this is not easy, but here’s what seems to have happened. In the spring, they missed 2 mortgage payments. They saw a debt counselor person and thought they were negotiating with the bank on a hardship situation (Trust me, I am learning about how this works by the second). They have made 5 payments in a row and thought, through the debt counselor; they were on the road to recovery. Well, on Wednesday, the Wake County Sheriff’s office thought otherwise and changed the locks on their house. They have 10 days to straighten this out before the house, and its contents, are liquidated.

So, on Thursday, I drive K to work out by RDU. JewelrySlut and M went down to the house, and with the assistance of a realtor, got inside to gather some belongings. They took clothes, perishable food, computers and jewelry. Now all this is in my house!

(If I sound crass in the face of someone else’s tragedy, please forgive me. But, I am under an amazing amount of work-related stress and now have had my home turned upside down. I’m allowed to be ornery)

On Thursday morning, I crafted a hardship letter to go back to the bank. M went to see the debt counselor who is very confused (that’s great) about how this all happened. M is saying he never had any notice; no notice of eviction or anything. I don’t believe him. He’s shown a history of lying about just about anything. K is going insane. She likes to scream at M whenever she has a free breath.

This is happening in my house.

I thought I’d be home this week (I’ve been away 4 of the last 5 weeks) and could enjoy some family time.

So, today, K is at work, JewelrySlut is off with my mother installing blinds at someone’s house, and M is sitting in our guest room playing on his computer. Is he finishing his court-mandated community service (a result of his felony conviction for using a stolen credit card)? No. Is he downtown camping out at the debt lady’s office in an attempt to get the house back? No. He’s playing on his computer.


I feel for them. I really do, but they’re both a couple of fuck ups. They had no business buying the house they did. They should be in a small apartment. That’s what you do when you’re starting out. You don’t go and buy a 3BR house when you have no established credit and no job.

Oh wait…this is America. It’s 2008. Of course you do.

If progress is not made today on figuring out how to get them back into the house, the next step is to rent a truck and a storage shed. We’ll have until Friday to empty the house of whatever they don’t want sold at auction.

My advice: If we get to the truck and storage shed portion of the game, it’s time to pack the car and turn north. I’ll give them $500 and enough points for a hotel along the way and bid them adieu. They have a lovely assortment of quality cookware I would like to get my hands on.

Harsh? Yes.

But, they can not live here and, with no credit, can’t exactly get an apartment.

Things that happen when you have 4 adults in the house instead of 2:
You use a lot more food. – I have put M to work as the cook. If he’s going to be here, the least he can do is cook dinner. But, we have to scale up all our meals to feed the 2 refuges
You use a lot more coffee.
Your kid behaves horridly.
You have to clean dog shit off your family room carpet.
You drink too much.

I know they can’t pay us back, nor would we ask for anything, but can you clear the table after dinner? Do your own laundry? Clean up after yourselves. You’re GUESTS IN MY HOME! I think tonight, I have to lay down the law. They’re going to be assigned chores because this is getting ridiculous.

And, tomorrow, M and I are scheduled to rip out and replace the kitchen base cabinets. So, the house will be even more upside down than it is now.

Really…This is not good on about 47 million levels. I have no idea what’s next.