Is it that late already?

Shmuppie started 2nd grade today.
I remember her first day of preschool. Hell, I remember taking her to the sitter when she was 4 months old. Where’d all that time go? Better yet, where’d my hair go?

And then there’s this one. What’s an evening without a photo of a pissed off baby having a bath?

I wish I had more to say but work sucks donkey taint right now. I’m hoping I can turn things around sooner than later. It didn’t take long for that familiar feeling of nausea to settle back into my stomach once I logged back in. My replacement still lacks a computer and people are on vacation. Ever try to do produciton reporting from 350 miles away when you can’t see what’s being produced? It’s tons of fun.

Back to work today

Wheeeeeeeee! Back to remembering why I couldn’t sleep for the 2 weeks before chicken was born. Back to email, conference calls and blather. Back to my stupid job and stupider client! I think I need to try to do something about my poor attitude.

In the meantime, it’s time to book another vacation. I need to stay up until midnight tonight to attempt (likely in vain) to get the outbound leg of next year’s St. John trip booked. Shmuppie gets to go this time and she’s already all jacked up. Chicken gets to stay at home with her Grandparents. Sucks to be her.

This is what it has come to

JewelrySlut: You need to update
Me: Oh shit.
JewelrySlut: Hey…you said you’d do this, not me
Me: Oh shit

Boring, uneventful weekend. Rainy and yucky and we all have a little bit of cabin fever.

I have utterly nothing to say at this point. Chicken is wonderful. She’s sleeping well and eating better. She makes little noise. If only puppies were this easy to take care of.

Almost missed today

6 days and I nearly slipped. I’ve got to do better than this. I was washing my face before bed when I realized “OH SHIT!”.

This is gonna be a long night we think. Someone’s been very hungry today and can’t stay off JewelrySlut’s tits. Chicken’s been hungry too.

See how I did that?

The grind!

Is it only like Day 5 of this experiment?

Chicken went to the doctor today. It was boring.

I looked at my work email. Nearly 300 emails sitting there. Most of them saying “Why haven’t you responded?”

Know why? Because you didn’t read my out of office note, did you?

One email stood out. A group within the company I’ve been dancing around for quite a while has an opening they want to talk to me about. That would be great, especially since, as of Monday, I don’t have a defined role in the company after my recent near-firing.

That was a hell of a birthday present; nearly losing my job over a mistake I didn’t make…well, I made a small part of it, but not all of it.

Anyway…back to life now.