Have I ever asked for anything before?

I don’t think I have…until now

World’s Greatest Shave

That there’s a link to a site for a reader’s daughter and she’s doing this for the 2nd time. To say that I’m enamored with said reader, her family, and everything about her is an understatement. some day, I’ll get my ass to Perth and we’ll all have a good hug. Until then, I’ve done my little part and I ask you, all 3 of you who comment, but also the 4 others who lurk, to pony up a few bucks.

It’s for more than a good cause.

And…Judd said it better over here

So…do me a favor.

And now a note from me…who else?

More basement updates over there.

Also, poor JewelrySlut is going to FLA next week to go see her father and step-mother (I never know how to refer to her…) They haven’t met Chicken yet and it’s time for her to suck it up and leave one asylum for another.

I’ll be flying solo with Shmuppie for the week.

That’s OK. At least she won’t be able to damage her sister next week.

What you ask?

On Sunday, she was giving Chicken a bottle. Suddenly, Chicken started screaming…and not a normal cry. We both dashed into the room to find a screaming baby and a 7-year old.

She drank too fast.

We couldn’t really process that comment at the time because poor Chicken was losing her shit big time. Like absolutely screaming like a lunatic…or a baby in pain.

Well, we got to the bottom f things and it turns out big sis had bitten little sis. Why? We don’t know, but, judging from the demo I requested on my finger, I swear to Christ, we’re lucky she didn’t bite the baby’s finger off.

Things have been fun lately.

I know that the older sibling always tries to kill the younger sibling. I did it. JewelrySlut did it. The issue, as always, was that Shmuppie lied to us about it. And she was quick to develop the lie.

That said, she won’t do it again.

Also, on a related note, we’ve put in an application to transfer Shmuppie to a new school for next year. she’d be going year-round; an idea we like. It will also get her out of the school she’s in and the less than desirable population that seems to be in it. Recently, she was called a “Dumb white person” by a classmate.

It’s time to move to a different school. We think we’ll get in because few people want to go to year-round and even less want to leave a Magnet school. We’re asking to do both.

Without love, what is there?

**This post started out with good intentions and then got sidetracked by too many home-bound bouts of silliness**

Basketball at 8:00. I was none too pleased considering that there was snow on the ground from the night before. I don’t mind 1″ of snow, but the yahoos here do. I told JewelrySlut ans Chicken to stay home. There was no need for them to go out in to the slush.

They got creamed. Her team sucks. The 2nd half offense officially was “Give Shmuppie the ball and let her score”. Exactly what I don’t want her doing…

From there, we had errands to run. Shmuppie was going to my parents’ house for the night and I needed to shop for dinner.

Stop 1: In Basketball Saturday tradition, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts. I got coffee, a donut for Shmuppie.

Stop 2: I had kicked a bottle of rum 2 nights before so I needed another. Oops…store’s not open at 9:30.

Stop 3: Fresh Market. JewelrySlut had made one request for her belated birthday dinner: seafood. While pricey, Fresh Market has the best selection. Not Saturday…They had overpriced salmon, tilapia, flounder and Chilean Sea Bass (an overrated fish if you ask me). I scored one last piece of snapper for way too much/lb. I also picked up some large shrimp. I had not a clue what to do, but I had ingredients. Oh look! Poblano peppers! We’ll make rellenos! I picked up a dozen roses and 2 bottles of wine.

Stop 4: Ace Hardware (not the same one with the crazy guy though). I needed varnish and sandpaper.

Stop 5: Kerr Drug. They don’t sell milk.

Stop 6: Harris Teeter. They do

Stop 7: It was after 10, so the Hallmark store was open.

Stop 8: Kerr Drug…I forgot the cold medicine.

We finally got home and Shmuppie and I sanded, finished and varnished my work desk. Little did I know that mere hours later, we’d decide it would not fit in the office and that it was about to become Shmuppie’s homework desk in Basement V2.0.

We got rid of the child.

Background: Tuesday had been JewelrySlut’s birthday. But, it was a Tuesday and we had swimming and homework and it turned into a Tuesday. This leaves out the detail that I didn’t get her a gift. We had planned to rework a piece of jewelry that I had bought when Shmuppie was born to include the girls’ birth stones, but that would not work and the cost of a new piece was way too high (Sell your gold while you can. It’s worth a fortune). So…no gift. I owed her a decent meal.

5:00: Tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and some wee pitas I had picked up. Bottle #1 of wine was opened.

(During this, JewelrySlut was watching the Olympics)

I had roasted the peppers earlier in the afternoon. I peeled, seasoned and roasted the 8 large shrimp. After they cooked, 4 were plated and brought to the lady of the house (along with more wine) and the other 4 were chopped, mixed with ricotta and cream cheese and stuffed into the roasted poblanos. I rolled them in corn meal and baked them. That worked out rather well.

All the while, I was working on the sauce for the snapper. There’s a link over there on the left for my Vera Cruz recipe. It turned out wonderfully. The fish was perfect and I made rice with the “sauce juice”. A nice dry Riesling made it a lovely meal.

Then we had another bottle of $3 Chuck just because. That’s 3 bottles of wine for the night. We were drunk and happy.

So, here’s my point. It’s not to pat myself on the back as a wonderful cook who knows how to make a nice meal.

The dinner was a cross between birthday and Valentine’s Day. So, I’d wanted to do something nice for the woman I love.

That made me think… My parents never did stuff like that. To start, my father can’t boil water and my mother doesn’t eat. And, she grew bored with cooking decades ago and knows he’ll eat whatever she cooks. But, cooking like that is a sign of affection if you ask me. I toiled away for about 2 hours, and enjoyed every moment of it. I knew JewelrySlut was loving every minute of it and that made me happy. Lord knows she deserves it. Look who she’s married to!

The point of all this is that, at the end of the day, simple things always end up being the best things. I love her and had a great time with her last Saturday. I only hope that everyone gets the opportunity to share their life with someone whose company they so thoroughly enjoy.