Odds & Ends

It snowed Friday night. We got about 3″. Some time overnight, it started sleeting. Our main concern here was ice and loss of power. From what we’ve been told, when there’s significant snow and ice, the city loses power for days on end. That would have sucked. But, it started sleeting and Shmuppie was up at 7:00 wanting to go outside.


I kept her busy for a while by making a veritable breakfast buffet for her. “Daddy…I want pancakes and eggs and bacon and toast”.

I held her off while she ate, but by 10:30, she was ready to go out. Mind you, the thermometer said it was 20 outside and it was sleeting like a mother. It was also windy. We bundled up and ventured out. That was fun. I’d inflated one of our pool inner tubes and she was sledding on some of the smaller hills in the neighborhood. The street turned out to be a great place to sled. It hadn’t been plowed and it’s hilly.

I took a run at one point and nearly lost a leg. I spun around and my leg went into the sewer. I extracted it, as I was moving, before it snapped off. That would have sucked.

We ended up staying outside for nearly 2 hours. By the time we went inside, I’d iced over. It was cold. We managed to keep Shmuppie inside for the rest of the day and played way too many board games. But, my old friends; beer, wine and chili got me through the day and night.

Sunday started out frigidly cold and sunny. They hadn’t done any plowing so things were now icy. The parking lot, paths and roads were sheets of ice. I could see why people had gone insane. You really could not get out of your house. I shoveled our walkway and took care of both of the Annes. I managed to get the car out because I needed some fixins for dinner. Sunday was to be soft taco night. Pork, chicken and my homemade green sauce made for a good dinner. Fortunately, Shmuppie did not want to stay outside for as long on Sunday and we escaped to the warmth of the house.

It’s Monday and the kids are off from school. They haven’t plowed our street yet and I suspect the main roads are still covered. It may be May before they go back to school. They start cutting into days off as of this morning, but we don’t care. We’re still going away in March and she can miss school for all we care.

That’s my snow story. I think there are pictures but I have to get them off the camera. What a pain in the ass that is. Doing so would be a lot easier if my office didn’t look like it currently does.

More cause for pictures…The basement work starts later this week. As I may have mentioned, we’re more or less gutting it and starting over. It’s been a good basement, but it needs a facelift. By the time this is all said and done, we’ll have a full bathroom down here, a smaller office for me and a guest room. We’ll have less storage, so we’re having the contractor cut us a hole in the ceiling upstairs so we can access the attic. The current opening is quite small. He says the work should take between 6-8 weeks. I’m hoping he’s right because, as of later this week, I am moving my office to what used to be the guest room and is now Chicken’s room. She outgrew her bassinet and is in the crib. So, it will be me, the 2 computers and her all in one room. Good times will ensue.


But, when this is done, it’s going to be very nice down here and the house will be large enough to suit us for a few more years. Funny, how we initially thought of staying here a year and we’ve now been here nearly 5 and figure we may stay much more. We need to be out of here before Shmuppie starts high school.

Expect my whining to hit an all-time high during the work. But, the end result will be very nice and that makes us all happy.