Enough already

More crap about me not writing.

Here’s my excuse.
I started this place in 2005. It was easy then; this was a new forum in which to vomit words AND we had a story to tell. We were moving to NC and I had many tales to tell.
then, once we got here, it remained easy. Stories about living here and drinking too much became the norm.

then…the travel started. what was once a boring blog about a drunk guy turned into a boring blog about a drunk guy who traveled a lot.

That, of course, gave birth to the boring blog about the drunk guy who complained A LOT about traveling all the time.

Then, I met Bridget.

then, life took a turn and I’m not on the road anymore. Is this what a normal life feels like? Because, it’s nice. I like being home and if it means I don’t have wacky stories to tell about airport delays or midgets, then there’s not much to write about.

Because, let’s face it, all 7 of you read this thing to revel in my misery. What’s the fun in:
Woke up at a reasonable hour
Worked some more
Ate something
Ate dinner as a family
Watched TV
Had my advances rebuffed by JewelrySlut
Went to bed

There’ not much more to life than that. I can’t see writing about the mundane-ness of life. It’s so fucking boring that I don’t even want to write about it.

And, spewing a rant out about how I think the people who haunt the USVI message board are becoming increasingly insane, just isn’t amusing.

But…summer’s coming. that means the jackasses will be out in full force; especially at the pool. We’ll have a swimming season to endure and an upcoming vacation to obsess over.

I don’t know.

I’m boring.

I like it

When I doubt…post pictures

It’s strawberry season at the Farmer’s Market. they’re tasty but pricey. We usually just graze on the samples. When my parents visited us in 2007, we bought a flat of them. My father then ate most of the flat and was so very sick. Naturally, we laughed at him

Recently, we were feeding Chicken her dinner. It usually consists of 3 cubes of vegetable, 3 cubes of fruit, some yogurt and cookies. On this night, she demanded more food. I gave her a rib bone to gnaw on. she was thrilled

Last week, I had to visit a client site in Greensboro where we’re installing a bunch of devices.

And, yesterday was Shmuppie’s 8th birthday. I am not sure how that happened. I guess this is what I get for not having been home for roughly 4 1/2 of those years. You look up and you have an 8 year old. For any number of reasons, I’m happy not to be traveling any more. It’s funny how quickly a very strange way of life can become normal. Returning to a normal way of life is better. It’s nice to sit down to dinner with the family. It’s nice to watch TV with JewelrySlut. I couldn’t have gotten to the job I’m in now with out that travel, but let’s hope it is over for now. Of course, I now have NOTHING to write about.


She got a Razor Scooter

She also got a badminton (Really spell checker…there’s an “n” in there? Who knew?) set and a camera from us.

Otherwise, it’s Spring. I need to go buy JewelrySlut her Mother’s Day gift. She should enjoy it.

We’re trying again to grow things in our little yard. This year, I’ve annexed some land outside the fence. I’m waiting for someone to bitch about it. Maybe I’ll take pictures of it and post them as another lame-ass entry.