And so it begins

Our basement, a source of so many thousand shit-tainted words in the past is moving to center stage again here at NGD.

With Chicken in the picture, we decided that it was high time to move or make room in the house. Moving sounded awful, despite how much we wish 93% of our neighbors would just die already, so we’ve gone and hired someone to fix things up for us.

The basement has a lot of space, but it hasn’t been used efficiently. My office has been way too big and there’s been too much unused space. That’s all about to change.

Some photos:

This is our storage unit. The contents of the basement, minus a few items, are in it. 20′ x 10′ worth of stuff.

Another view of our mountain of crap.

This is what remains of my office. It’s way too big and will be carved into 2 rooms; an office and a guest room. Anyone need a couch? It’s for sale

The other side of the office. That’s a closet. It will go bye bye soon

The playroom. The left side will have a door into the office. The rest will be a wall. The yellow wall on the right will come down and be replaced with a giant removable wall. We’ll need access to what’s behind it

The family room. It’s mostly staying as is. Now it holds the couch (too damned heavy to move), the beer fridge and the backup freezer.

The other side of the family room. Those cabinets are coming out and being replaced with a big closet.

The store room. There will be a door in the right corner leading to what will be the bedroom. The water heater will be accessed from the hatch in the play room. This is all happening to make room for a bathroom

The other side of the storeroom. In 8 weeks, you’ll be looking at a shower, sink and crapper. This is the meat of the project and where the main $$ is being spent.

So…the electrician comes tomorrow to get started pulling out circuits that live on walls that are being ripped down. All said, we’re told this will take 6-8 weeks. I hope that’s it. I also hope they come in at budget because, while we’re spending a lot of money, it’s not too abd. When this is all done, it’s gonna be cool down there.

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