Been a while between updates

A lot has happened lately, but it was hard to photograph. Finally…updates:

The stairs. They’re painted…for real this time…in a lovely color called minced onion. You must pronounce the word Onion like Bill Rafferty.

This is the new AC unit that the bobos can’t get to work. Sweet

My office with a piece of the flooring there to show the artistic blend between the onions and the wood

Trap Door!

The boys were so happy and pleased with themselves. They kept yelling “Ya got a Crappah!” all morning.


The nice little step that leads into the shower

The old cabinets are now a new closet with freshly matched paint

That’s where we are. I saw the electricians pull up a little while ago. The painter wraps up today and Randy may be done today too. then, all we need to do is get the flooring guy in next week to put in the laminate and the carpeting. I can’t believe we’re A: Almost done and b: survived the mess.

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