Inspections are next!

Some fancy plumbin’ stuff if you ask me

A new electric panel. It’s got wires and things in it

We have all the electric receptacles in place for the new rooms. Look! an empty electric box!

Look…some day, there will be an outlet here

This looks more dangerous than it actually was

Look! A ceiling fan box and a wire dispenser thing

The old AC unit is gone and now we have pipes for the new one

This mess is in the new closet. It will be cleaned up at a later date…like today

The electricians pulled the ceiling apart. I looked at Randy and said “I just love what we’ve done with the place”

This is a little duct that I suggested we install. It will carry air from the playroom to the bathroom to, theoretically, assist in air flow in the basement. It’s more of airflow by osmosis than anything else.

They’re coming to inspect on Wednesday. Should that go well, they’ll insulate on Thursday. Should that go well, te may get drywall next week. They’re making great progress and we’re quite excited.

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