We have a bathroom!

We’re moving forward. The bathroom is framed out at this point and the plumbers come early next week to start the bathroom work. It’s a bit of a challenge, but, as always, European ingenuity is saving us. Since we’re sitting on the slab here, we had 2 choices: dig into the concrete and put in pipes/pumps or go European.

So, I shaved my ass and pubes, put on a speedo and a shortie robe and have gone Euro. We’re using a toilet and shower that are specially engineered to sit at ground level and feed a grinder/pump. All waste water goes into this thing and is pumped into the main plumbing line. Of course, this needs to be above the point in the line where we installed the crazy drain trap last spring after the last flood.

We’re confident it will work and that the flood hazards we’ve faced will be eliminated.

So, plumbers come next week and I think the framing of the bedroom and office start. Electricians come late next week. The progress has been astounding. Thanks to the World’s Greatest Realtor, we’ve chosen a great contractor.

It’s hard to tell what this is, but it’s going to be a bathroom. Standing in the former office, looking towards the back of the house, we have a framed bathroom

Same room; other side. The first set of studs is the shower stall. Beyond them, just before the wall, is the litter box closet/utility closet. We need to build out this silly little space to allow for some wiring and the electric panels to have homes that meet code.

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