Week 2

We’re underway in Week 2 of the project. Wanna see?

When I saw the 1st Aid Kit out today, all I could say was “oopsie”. I hope Randy still has 10 fingers. I didn’t check

Framing the office. The other wall is just in front of the end of those boards. We spent a while in the office this weekend, drawing furniture on the floor in chalk to determine what goes where. It’s smaller than anticipated, so we have to juggle some furniture. JewelrySlut came to the rescue with the idea of a built-in computer desk which will be right about where the light tower is.

Some framing in the bedroom. And a lack of ceiling. We found the outside hose shut off today…it had been buried in the ceiling. That was nice

We had to move the couch out of the bedroom. Now it’s at the bottom of the stairs along with the rocking chair. The coffee table can be seen just behind the wall. they all get donated on Thursday. Until then, need a couch?

Tomorrow, the plumber comes to start roughing in the bathroom. They’ll be back later in the week to re-route the main water line. That should be fun, seeing as we share a main with 19 other houses (we’re metered at the street). I need to kill water to 19 homes in order to make this work. There will be unhappiness. That’s for sure.

The attic door gets cut in tomorrow. That will be cool

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