We’re done! (Almost)

Just some touching up of paint and one last door to be painted. Otherwise, after a few towel bars and TP holders…we’ll be done.

Carpet! and the chalkboard wall. We’re looking at the playroom

The new A/C unit in the playroom. It’s got a little heat pumpy thing on it so it both heats AND cools. CONditioned are? Who knew?

My fayncy network box thing. All the cable lines in the house are home runs now. Phone and data all in one box (This was expensive)

My new shelves in my office. I made a desk and shelves out of an otherwise wasted space

The wall where I’ll work. Shot from the bedroom

Bedroom from the office. Looks nice, no?

Mt. Spare Carpet. We’ll have some of those bound into area rugs

The bathroom, or for now, tool storage room

The family Room. Get a load of how freakin’ awesome it looks!

The same room from the other side. The flooring looks amazing in this room (if you ask me)

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