Christmas Eve Dinner:

(This serves 2 people)

3-4 lbs of mussels
1 lb of shrimp (raw, cleaned and peeled)
1/2 lb of scallops (I use bay scallops)
White wine
Salt, pepper, red pepper
Fresh tarragon

Make sure the mussels are clean and alive. I don’t know how to do that, so go read a blog written by a smart person if you must know.

Take a big pot and throw in about 1 tablespoon of butter and some wine. Put on medium heat and let it start simmering. Add some tarragon, a little salt and pepper and some red pepper. Not much though. Once it’s all hot and simmering, throw in all the mussels. Put on the lid and lower the heat to low. After a while (don’t ask me how long), take off the lid and check to see if the ones at the top are open. During this time, the wine/butter/tarragon mix has steamed open the mussels and made them release their mussel-ly goodness. A delicious circle of life has happened in the pot.

Dump the mussels into a vat, but save all the juice in the pot.

Sit and stuff yourself with mussels. Drink white wine.

After a while, it’s time for the 2nd course.

Start boiling enough water to cook the pasta. Put the pot containing the mussel goodness back on low heat and start it simmering again. Look at the pot. Does it need more liquid? If so, add some wine. Also, add some more salt, pepper and rd pepper (not too much). Once the pasta water is boiling, start the pasta. Add the shrimp and scallops to the sauce pot. Stir them around, lower the heat to low and cover it. Check occasionally and stir. When the pasta is done, drain it. Check the seafood. It may need something. Season appropriately. I sometimes add a little heavy cream to make the sauce nicer.

Put the pasta into bowls and scoop in some of the sauce/seafood mixture.

Eat and drink more wine.

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