Wednesday April 2

At about 6:00, I woke up. JewelrySlut was lying next to me shaking. As I came awake, I realized why.

It was pouring again. I laughed and went back to sleep.

I woke up at 8:00 and shuffled to the patio. It was quiet. Peeking between the curtains, I saw something I hadn’t seen in days. THE SUN!

We got everyone dressed and off to breakfast. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out, there was a nice breeze, and JewelrySlut got fried eggs for breakfast. All was well.

We wrapped up breakfast and left to go change for the day.

Just as it started raining again.

God hates me.

But, it seemed t be more of a Caribbean rain (on for 5 minutes, off for an hour), so we slathered up in sunscreen and headed to the pool. It was nice. The sun was out and it was warm. Shmuppie swam as JewelrySlut and I pretended to care what she was doing. Mostly, we sat and sipped at drinks. It was a good morning. At 10:00, I took Shmuppie to the kid’s club so she could see that nothing was going on. She seemed resigned to her fate.

She found some kids to beat up in the pool and things went well.

By lunchtime, however, it was clouding over. It looked like we’d lost the sun. Also, I was exhausted. I was so tired, I felt like I could cry. I know the past few weeks have been crazy with work, but I had no idea how exhausted I was. The stress of travel on Monday coupled with Shmuppie’s sullen mood on Tuesday had sapped me. I nibbled on some lunch and looked out at the teeming rain. I was none too happy.

We ate and found space under one of the resort’s palm umbrellas. JewelrySlut and Shmuppie played cards and I took a nap. When I woke up, I still felt like shit, but couldn’t just sulk. So, I gathered the troops for a walk to the beach.

We hadn’t seen much of the beach yet and were willing to try anything at this point.

JewelrySlut sat, huddled under the towels (it was now drizzling and windy0 and Shmuppie and I went to the water’s edge. The sea was angry that day, my friend. The beach seemed to be inside a reef that sat about 1/4 mile off shore. It was hard to tell through the surf, but it looked to be shallow and possibly snorkel-able all the way to the break. Well, it would have been on any other day.

Shmuppie and I sat in the sand near the water and dug holes. Shmuppie would get alternatingly euphoric and enraged when the waves would fill the hole. I don’t know. I more or less sat there in the sand and just watched the waves.

Folks, I m not a spiritual person, but as I sat there, ass in the water, down below the 20th parallel, I felt myself recharging. I swear; I could feel the strength returning to me. The fatigue just left me. I guess my body knew where it was; where it belongs.

Since JewelrySlut now was suffering an advanced case of hypothermia, we left the beach. I think I grabbed a drink and we went back to the room.

Look! No pillows!

I called the front desk and used my stern voice and said that I wanted the pillows that I had nicely asked for on Monday, Tuesday and earlier in the day on Wednesday.

5 minutes later, JewelrySlut and I were busy in the bathroom. She needed to check the stability of the sink apparently and I needed to help her. There was a knock on the door. Pulling up my pants (they seemed to have fallen down), I heard Shmuppie opening the door and accepting our pillows. Now, part of me wanted to kill the kid for opening the door, but, she had one of her sweet moments. She had heard us bitching about the pillows all week, so she unmade our bed, put in the pillows and then re-made it. JewelrySlut nearly cried.

While JewelrySlut was showering, I decided to play with the booze. I must have drained off about 30oz of booze…just because I could. I mixed a rum and tonic (not bad) and a vodka tonic (bad).

Umbrella in hand, and a hat on my head, we went to dinner.

We stopped at a bar for a “white slushy” for Shmuppie and caipirinhas. Shmuppie had developed a fondness for pina coladas. She drank/ate them by hand.

It was pouring, by the way.

Finally feeling good at dinner, I proceeded to chow down. JewelrySlut and I decided to share plates at dinner, so I loaded up a salad/appetizer plate and one with a lovely assortment of food. The highlight of the night was Dorado in a sauce. Dorado, as I just learned, is mahi mahi (or dolphin) with a different name. I thought it was flying fish. No wonder we liked it; we love mahi.

Somehow, during all this, JewelrySlut got drunk. I think it snuck up on her, because she got a little feisty as the evening progressed. We finished eating and made our way to the Happy Fun Time Showtime Theater. Tonight, apparently, was Dominican night. I was prepared. I brought the video camera. Again, when I learn how to upload video, it will be worth watching. We taped Ultra Fast Dance Break. JewelrySlut, in a rather short…and tight dress, danced in her seat along with the Animators. Good times were had.

The show started, and from what I can tell, the DR is a loud country. People banged on various instruments and women lifted their dresses to show off their underpants. (This was a new cast of dancers by the way, not the other crew of fat and muddy people we’d been enjoying all week).

We grew bored and ran back to the room. Once there, JewelrySlut and Shmuppie did their rendition of Ultra Fast Dance Break. It’s all on video.

We went to bed, happy that we had pillows.

Finally, I was not exhausted. It felt really good.

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