5 thoughts on “St. John Trip Archive – 2008

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  2. That water problem is not good for anyone.

    After day 2, I would have gone from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye.

    We had a similar thing happen to us and for good or bad, I had just enough to drink to tell the rental agent what I thought of their maintenance service.

    A check was delivered to the villa a short time later.

  3. Same thing happened to us, but Mario from Carefree Vacations worked like Hercules and it fixed it. He became our bestest bud and was there 4 times in one day the last being while I was in bed reading a book with my pjs on. We’re like family now.

    PA Girl, you got a check????

    Lovin’ your reports. When are you going to finish and get them posted in the parallel universe?

  4. “We quickly surmised that JJ’s was still closed.” I know EXACTLY how you feel! It’nt that just a total pi$$er?

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