Travelogue Links

Here are some links to many of the places and things mentioned in my overly long travelogue:

Our rental agency: VIVA! Vacations

The house we rented was Peace O’Heaven

JJ’s Texas Coast, home of the conch fritter and Carib Beer, has no website. Boohoo.

We rented our Jeep from St John Car Rental

Starfish Market (The supermarket) has no website. But who’d want to see a web site for a grocery store anyway?

We owe a debt of gratitude to Laurence Rockefeller for deeding all his land to the National Park Service in order to create the Virgin Islands National Park

Of course, he also built Caneel Bay which I will never be able to afford to stay at.

Here are sites for some of the beaches we visited:
Cinnamon Bay
Trunk Bay

Pam Gaffin Wrote the book Feet, Fins and 4-Wheel Drive.

Here’s the charter company who took us on our adventure: Limnos

I made mention of Pusser’s while discussing my 30th birthday trip.

Here’s Norman Island where we did our awesome snorkeling.

The Willie T is that floating pirate ship bar I mentioned off the coast of Norman Island.

And, since we’re on the topic of the British Virgin Islands:

Foxy’s Bar

The Soggy Dollar Bar

And lastly, but not at all leastly, Jost Van Dyke

For shopping on St John, you can never go wrong at:

St John Spice. When there, say hi to Ruth and look at her Webcam

Freebird is where we bought my Caribbean Hook Bracelet and JewelrySlut’s Petroglyph bracelet.

Patton Gold is where the cool gecko earrings came from. It’s located within Mongoose Junction.

Morgan’s Mango is near there and still has lousy service.

For better grub, try Skinny Legs out in Coral Bay for their burgers. In town, The Beach Bar is a fun place to grab a beer and maybe spot a celeb or 2.

For information and trip planning, please visit my pals at Travel Talk Online’s Virgin Islands Board.

I also stalk VI Now’s boards.

The board at Virgin-Islands-On-Line is also pretty good.

Lastly, no trip to the Virgin Islands is complete until you’ve consumed your weight in Cruzan Rum

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